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Apr 10, 2008
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Recieved 1 theopropus elegans ooth today and nymphs of another sp. all in perfect health and they were packed excellent. would recommend great!

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I would second that.

Ooth arrived in great condition, very quick dispatch and exceedingly quick delivery from Singapore to UK, especially during the Christmas period.

Would most definitely purchase from again in the future.

Excellent service

Fingers crossed for a good hatch :rolleyes:

Many thanks for the feedback Bryan and Stephen! I hope you get a good hatch rate from the ooth.

Received a wonderfully packed parcel from Shaik from Singapore to Texas in only 3 days! The T. elegans oothecae looking good too. Thanks Shaik!

Received my ooth today, great packaging, fast delivery and first class communication through out, he even sent me some very healthy nymphs for free. What more can i say Shaik is a great guy and a real pleasure to deal with, highly recommended, i hope to do business with him again in the future :D :D :D

Shaik, (AKA Sufistic) Offered me FREE nymphs (I really wanted some), i just had to pay shipping. I took him up and all was going well till the customs got involved (not his fault at all). He offered to repay the 40$ shipping and is just as saddened as i am for those poor nymphs. He is a good breeder and a real nice person. Hopefully i will trade with him again.

Received the ooth i ordered from Shaik, great packaging, fast postage and excellent communication through out, he even sent me a free one of a different species. Great guy to deal with, recommended breeder. :D :D :D

Just a quick update 2 ooths have now hatched a good number of nymphs, recommended breeder and great guy to deal with :D

I just received a very well packed ooth from sufistic. The ooth looks great! I'm very pleased with this transaction. I will be doing bussiness with him in the future. Trustworthy and reliable! A+++++++! :) Will update when it hatches. Thanks again sufistic! :)



I got a mystery package today. I opened it, it was very well packed, and one little pot was labeled "!Gm I81" the well known and highly toxic Mexican psychedelic aphrodisiac. When I opened it, though , I found that it was a neatly wrapped ooth of IMG 181, Acromantis sp, from Sufistic, plus a free Hierodula sp. ooth. Let's face it, aphrodisiacs don't really do it for me any more, so this was the better bargain. Thanks, Shaik!

Edit#1 0330: The hierodula ooth has hatched, Babies everywhere!

#2 Likewise Acromantis sp on the same day!

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Hello!  I had a LOT of questions for sufistic and he answered all of them very quickly.  I also asked another long-term member of our community if it's safe to buy from him and the answer was yes.  Ultimately, I didn't make the purchase due to a problem on my side but I think it's important to give feedback on great communication.  Thanks sufistic for answering all of my questions and I look forward to doing business later this Spring or early Summer.  Thank you!!!