Suitable housing for Orchid Mantis


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Oct 13, 2022
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Buffalo, NY
Hello. I have an i2 orchid currently in a 32 oz deli cup. First, I'm wondering if that's OK for now or does it need smaller to be able to get food. For when it gets bigger, I have a 12x12x12 exo Terra glass terrarium. Does the mesh lids on thsee need to be altered? Will this housing be too large?

I'd just like the ideal size to be honest, so if its easier to buy a smaller, more accommodating housing I could use some pointers. My only issue would be keeping it at a decent temperature and I can't use a heat pad on acrylic. I'd also like to be able to keep live plants in the same habitat with maybe some spring tails. Thanks!!
I'm answering one of my own qs..looks like I need to put some sort of mesh similar to what's on the cups covering the screen that comes with that particular terrarium. Can I use something from Michael's or Hobby Lobby? Is there a specific name for it? I found tulle, but I'd like to be 100%. Thanks in advance!!

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