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surinam roaches and pallid roaches for sale


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Apr 14, 2020
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Surinam roaches (Pycnoscelus surinamensis): a great feeder for all sizes, with fruit fly sized babies and adults being slightly bigger than crickets. easy to care for burrowing roaches that will eat anything (they are even used for blatticomposting). they like moist substrate.

$5 for 30 small nymphs (sold out)
$7.50 for 30 mixed size (sold out)
$10 for 20 large nymphs/adults (sold out)

Pallid roaches (Phoetalia pallida): a smaller species than surinam roaches but still a great feeder for all sizes. babies are a bit larger than surinamensis but still very small. they are very easy to care and eat a staple of dog food, cheerios, and old produce. they are very pretty roaches, with many adults gaining a pinkish pattern on their pronotum that isn't captured well in images and nymphs getting a deep mahogany color as they get older.

$10 for 40 mixed (sold out)

I will offer LAG for overnight shipping

edit: unfortunately im now all sold out.
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