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Tenodera sinensis nymphs for sale in Seattle on April 1st, 2021 (no fools joke hah)


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Jan 21, 2021
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Seattle, Wa
It's my first time selling mantis nymphs and I can confidently say they are all very healthy and active. Raised them from both. I won't sell any younger than L2. I have about six available right now but there's much more on their way (to L2). If you live in northseattle and are interested, here is my website: https://lamante.godaddysites.com

Feel free to contact me here or there. They are $7 each with added delivery fee of ¢50 per mile traveled from our house, in lakecity, to yours. We also offer free curb side pickup if you contact us ahead if time with a date. Each mantid comes in a small travel container with a brief care pamphlet. They will be available to purchase on the first of April (but I can guarantee on my life that this isn't meant to be a prank haha). Educators get a free fly culture as well. If your mantis does not make it within the first couple weeks, then we will give you another one or you can have your money back. They are not sexed yet and won't be until older. You can also wait a few months until they're sexed and you can get a male or female for $15. 

We are local, which isn't only better for your budget, but also better for the environment and mantid. The usual costs of mantis online have a $40 shipping fee and dont make it on time. 

Hope you can perhaps be our first customer! Thank you,

~La Mante Mantis Shop


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