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Ordered some insects from TNT last week. They were very helpful and knowledgeable when I asked about care. Great price for both the insects and shipping. 

Fantastic experience. Great communication the whole time and very pleasant to deal with. Answered all my concerns along the way as well. Everything was packed with care shipped quickly and arrived happy and healthy. Highly recommended. 

Woah!  I meant to make a review for TNTs Mantids back in June!  Sorry for the wait!

Anyway, I had a great experience, payment was quick and I was informed that the box arrived.  It's always nice to know the bugs you shipped out arrived in good shape!

Hope to do more "business" in the future!  Thanks TNTs Mantids:D

Transaction was stress-free and very pleasant. I ordered a couple of stick insects and I was very happy and surprised when there was an extra green bean. 🙂TNT MANTIDs was very attentive and obliging with my order and I will definitely be ordering from again. I highly recommend. 😁

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