Vivarium 2: Electric Boogaloo


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Jul 9, 2020
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My new vivarium came today, and it is (in my honest opinion) my finest work yet! It's got a cork bark background which has the benefit of looking cool and being a climable surface for the mantids. Plant-wise, I have an orchid and hoya tricolour attached to the background (they can both grow epiphytically) then I have some variegated pothos and a croton plant in the substrate. Complete with giant orange isopods and springtails, it's pretty good! This will one day house my L3 C. humeralis, but he/she is a long way off that which is perfect as it will give loads of time for the viv to start cycling.


Looks great! Make sure you trim that Pothos, those things grow like weeds.

- MantisGirl13 


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