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Oct 18, 2021
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Midwest US
So, many keepers on here probably aren't aware of the forum that exists for roach keeping. I'm pointing this out because how we keep our feeder insects isn't really discussed as much as it needs to be. Roaches are also one of the few feeder insects that have a variety of species that are easier to keep as feeders. I'm curious to know what information we lack on how we keep our roaches and where we could improve. How are you guys currently keeping your roaches?
I love roaches. I am on the roachforum, too. There are some roach groups on Facebook that are great. The Turkestan roaches that I have are cold hardy and seem to be able to survive our winters okay outside here in North Carolina. I did take them in once it got down to the teens F though just incase they couldn't handle that cold. It got down to 10F here during December, which was unusually cold. They turn dark colored or black when they gradually get used to the cold weather. They have to get used to the cold weather or they will die from the cold. That is true with even our native Parcoblatta wood roaches.
I keep my Red Runner roaches (Turkestan roaches) in a tall plastic container with egg crates for surfaces to climb on. I sometimes put some coconut fiber as a substrate. They are kept at room temperature and doing very well. I also have two bowls in the enclosure where I put their food so its not sitting on the floor.