What is Something that Means Everything to You?


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Oh ok. My brother wanted a really fluffy one and my mom called them teddy bear gp so Idk if it is an actual breed or not but I think it is...!

Mine would be my Bible as ManyisGirl13's and my dog (I guess).

About the Bible, it is special to us of course because yes I personally am religious and YOUR Bible is usually the most special because it is YOURS and it is (most probably) highlighted, noted, and studied. It was probably the one that lead you to seek God and eventually give you life to Christ. Besides it's God's personal message to you.

 Personally my Bible was expensive to my (tight-wad runs in family!) mind at $60 normally $120 even though I know they get much more pricey.
im religous tho i dont have the belief that if you dont turn straight you go to heck. Im a bisexual christian myself.

One thing I am very grateful for, is this forum, and all of you. Your support, experience, and fellowship here is amazing. Thank you all. 😊👍
I feel the exact same! I'm thankful for this forum and all its members ❤️

@hysteresis How are Panda and Penny fairing? 

My mantid's, my vintage jewarly my haunted jewelry. My family and friends and other pets. And my new spider Munchkin.
Haunted jewelry? That is pretty interesting! Is it jewelry that is haunted or from a haunted location? Do you "feel" it when wearing it? I'm envisioning the cursed necklace from Harry Potter, lol

 @hysteresis How are Panda and Penny fairing? 
The piggies are spoiled, LoL.

Cant open the fridge, or crinkle a bag without them wheeking up a storm. LoL.

And here are the other piggies ... in line to see Santa today....


@hysteresis You have such a beautiful family! Any girl who will put a Santa hat on a mantis is a keeper 😉😁🎅 I bet your kids are bursting with excitement for Christmas right now! 

No tiny humans over here in our house, just cats and mantids. However, Jane the Orchid Mantis is going to have a date with Flynn tomorrow, if all goes well there will be love in the air for Christmas (or a Christmas dinner of Flynn, we shall see) 

Thank you @Graceface.

Heh the santa hat was a funny photp op.

She also has a vid where Nöel seems to be watching some Bruno Mars, swaying side to side as they do. Looks like she's dancing. LoL. 🤓

She likes mantids well enough. Maybe she has something to say occasionally how obsessed I've become. This is typical of me though.

Hope everything goes well with Jane & Flynn. 😊

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It's hard not to get obsessed with mantids, I find. They are such fascinating little creatures. If it is typical for you to be obsessive, she is probably used to it by now 😊

Thanks for the well wishes. My husband and I just moved Flynn upstairs next to Jane to get him warm. I mentioned I hadn't seen Jane calling yet and he says, "Isn't she doing it now?" And she is!!! Fingers are crossed for our Christmas Lovers ❤️🤞🎅🤶 Flynn is so tiny compared to her! I'll be sure to get some photos of their date and post for y'all to see! 


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