What is your opinion on net cages?


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Jun 27, 2019
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My terrarium started growing mold despite the springtails I added (mantis is in a different enclosure now), so I thought about buying net cages because they have better ventilation. What's your opinion on them? Do they work well for mantises? 

I use net for my violin. I may throw all my idolos communally in another one. IDK yet.

My home is regularly at 40% humidity, so species i'd thrown in nets are limited.

I almost never use anything but net cages now. Way less worry about mis-molts and the mantises just seem happier when they can run around with good grip instead of flailing on plastic or glass when you startle them.

How do you all keep your homes so humid all the time? 
I tend to keep the net cages in another larger "container" so I can control the heat and humidity. Right now that is a wardrobe from IKEA. I have a humidifier set up in the wardrobe when needed (ie: in the winter).

That or I just have a bug and reptile room that is always set at 25 degrees C and kept humid then add more heat per enclosure or spray them as needed.

I have the heat in the room with the wardrobe set to 25 right now but will soon be adding heat cord to the inside of the wardrobe so I can stand to be in there for more then 5 minutes at a time :p

I would stay away from net cages for larger species like heterochaeta. 
why? I have a giant asian mantis. I don't know where should I put it when it grow big. some website said I should put it at a 30cm by 20cm terrarium. but I don't want to buy the expensive glass terrarium. it take up space as well. I am looking for plastic then I found net cage. It seems good that it's foldable. but it's bad somehow? 

Hierodula will do fine but I mean nymphs. I don’t think they can get a good gripnon the netting and it’s likely that due to their weight they could fall easily. 


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