what to do with left over flies?


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Oct 12, 2022
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sorry if its a stupid question, but my mantis has outgrown the fruit flies i was feeding her but i still have an absolutely immense amount of them. what would be the best thing to do with them? i have three unopened culture tubes which amounts to 300+ flies and they've been putting off larvae so there's a bunch.
Not to change the subject, but it occurred to me that if you breed mantises, you need to maintain all your feeder cultures at all times. Even if your first generation of mantises have outgrown fruit flies, you still need to sustain the fruit fly culture for the next generation of mantises. You could, of course, order a new fruit fly starter culture when the time comes, but that's a waste of money.
Even starting new cultures will run into more money with all the supplies that will need to always be on hand. Maybe a school nearby could use them for science projects or fish tanks if they have them.