When to Transition to a larger Enclosure?


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I caught a full grown Carolina female at the end of the summer and kept her in a smaller version of one of these with just a stick in it for her to climb to the lid. I'm a noob and don't know much right now, but I can tell you she could cling to the inside top (without mesh) and even laid 3 ooths on the inside of the lids. The ooths (and lids) are now outside being protected in my covered patio grill with holes for them to escape through the bottom.
If you can hot glue some plastic mesh to the top then it will work. cheap on amazon

He wasn't fed insects that were fed carrots was he? I read carrot-loaded insects will kill mantids and cause them to vomit beforehand..
Carrot fed crickets aren't good feeders, but then again, crickets aren't good feeders in the first place. Crickets can carry harmful bacteria in their gut, and that is what causes vomit and death in mantids.

Carrot fed roaches and mealworms are fine.

- MantisGirl13


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