Where to Buy Leopard Geckos


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Jul 4, 2017
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Alaska, USA
Hi everyone. I'm considering purchasing another Leopard Gecko, as I have had one for five or six years already. I bought him at a reptile expo for only 15 bucks but now I want try to find a really nice one. Does anyone know of any websites that ethically breed and properly care for their geckos?
You will likely have to wait for another expo, spend a few hours looking for a local breeder, or give up and buy one from Petco. Don't do the last option.
tell ya what if you tell me what morphs you're looking for I can try to find one at the next expo and mail it to you, though the next expo is in October so I won't ship until like June
I will definitely keep this into consideration. It seems like Geckoboa can ship to my location but if not I'll probably check back in with you.

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