Wing problem after final molt..


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No, it's not stupid at all. You didn't fail him. You loved him, cared for him, and if you raised him to adulthood... you did a good job. Many keepers find orchids difficult to raise, so don't be too rough on yourself. Love is never wasted... the world needs more. ❤️
Thanks so much for the encouragement! I'm still upset about it lol. Madame Orchidée, that's the females name, seems unfazed. 😉😜.

He did indeed make it too adulthood and lived a couple of months as an adult. It's my first time keeping mantises. Nature is so amazing and beautiful but at the dame time so cruel and harsh. And Ur right. The world needs more love in it! What the world needs now is love sweet love ... 🎶🎵🎶

Thanks bunches everyone!

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