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Dec 28, 2006
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Here's some pics of my Bug room!

I do not know why the lighting is the color it is, I think it is the type of lamps I use for the Mantis, I cannot get it to take a lighter pic.



:lol: You guys are funny, You's made me laugh when I read your comments, Thanks! :lol: I went with white so I can find Escapees!

The tiny yellow containers are incubators for tiny Ooths. If you look closely you can see some with Ooths in them. I buy the containers off a glass supplier of mine.

The containers are glass or plastic? If plastic I think you would benefit from a hole in the side plugged with a foam plug to aid in feeding and watering. Very nice room though.

Their Plastic, they have a 3 1/2" hole in side with grey screening on them, I find I do not need hole with sponge as they never move very much and I don't lose the dinners to much!

That almost looks exactly like mine! Up to the white boards! But yours doesn't have pepsi bottles littered on the floor :lol:
Got any pics of yours?

They are from a glass supplier, sorry they only sell to Glass Companies (those in the trade). My hubbys company (Corporate Glass Services) is a distributor for them. We buy large quanities of acrylic, polycarbonate and acrylic shapes along with the containers. If you are interested in any of the containers just let me know which ones can let you know how much they are.


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