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Sep 22, 2005
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I ordered fly larvae, for 13.00 dollars or so, i got 350 delivered. i let them pupate, they are hatching and the mantids love them. nice to be able to get a small quantity for experimenting. fast service, lots of live feeders. i plan on using them again.

I get my fly larvae from them. Good prices and fast shipment. They just sent me 10,000 mealworms by mistake. Only mistake from these guys i've ever had. Recommended.

I ordered one 500-count package of blue bottle larvae.

$5.50 (larvae) + $6.00 (shipping) = $11.50 (total)

Mar 26 (evening): Placed order.

Mar 27 (morning): Authorization for $17.59 appears on my credit/debit card. I expected $11.50 so I sent them an email inquiry.

Mar 27 (afternoon): They emailed me back to say that shipping was $12.09. I replied via email saying that $12.09 is too much and they should cancel my order instead.

Mar 28: They emailed me back saying they already shipped it and won't credit me back if I reject it. I told them that I'm writing a review (like this one) and that my opinions would impact potential customers. I also considered filing a complaint with the BBB. I got a call from (513)874-5881 at 10:35 (PDT) and here's what happened:

[SIZE=12pt]Some guy from Grubco repeatedly shouted, "You threatened us!" And then he started saying stuff about slander on the internet is illegal. Well, first he accused me of "slander" (which is impossible because written words are supposed to be "libel"). Second, he must have read absolutely nothing I wrote about Grubco because I didn't write anything to date that could have been potentially libelous. Third, he threatened to report me to "local authorities." I don't know if he means my local authority or his, but I can't seem to figure out why he would do that. He only mentioned that once compared to maybe the 20 times of "You threatened us!" so I'm guessing he changed his mind after saying that.[/SIZE]Anyway, he said that he would refund the money to my credit card and that it's no problem at all. I guess it really is no problem at all because he accompanied "that's no problem at all" with crediting me back almost every time. He said he would credit me back today (3/28). The credit appeared 2 days later.

He also added that it was my fault because I checked the terms and conditions box. When I ordered, I thought those "zones" were military bases so I didn't bother. Now, I found out that they aren't military bases! Well it turns out that the listed shipping rates are only good for roughly the eastern half of the USA.
The conversation was about 3 minutes and 5 seconds.Mar 30: Larvae came via UPS. Credit for $12.09 received. $12.09 was the shipping fee. Now, shipping became free.

Apr 5: Some of the first flies eclosed. Product is the way I expected. :)

Apr 20: Pupae taken out of refrigerator on April 13 have not eclosed.

Apr 24: The pupae taken out of the refrigerator on April 13 eclosed. They are still good.

Would shop again: Maybe. But I would get it shipped to a friend before getting it shipped to me. Yes, that would definately be cheaper than shipping directly to me.

Delivery: UPS 3-day. Not bad, but I can't seem to figure out why they don't use USPS Priority Mail. I think they could have packed it better, especially if they were going to charge so much for it. I recommend that anyone who is thinking about ordering from them should give them a phone call for the real shipping rates before ordering because they might charge you double the cheapest rate like they did to me.

Customer support: Pretty friendly over email. They respond pretty quickly. Unacceptable over the phone because the guy was rude to me. He did refund $12.09 so I'm pretty happy about that.

Quality: Larvae were good and healthy and some became flies already.

Overall grade: B-

[SIZE=12pt]Disclaimer: This review is good only for building an opinion and no other purpose(s). I take no responsibility for this review since moderators and administrators have the power to edit posts. Transcript of email communication is available upon request, provided that I can find it and there is a good reason for requesting it (determined by me). Further discussion about my transaction here is not necessary or desired.[/SIZE]

I orders some bluebottle larve on Saturday. They arrived on Wednesday. They are exactly what I expected. I add to this later after the flies start hatching.

Placed another order with them for more fly larvae and some crickets. Items were received quickly and they were of high quality.

Just got my order of two cups of 500 Maggots! I loved the service & How fast they were, I will be doing business with them again! :) Highly Recommended in my books....

there website now says due to hot weather there is no live arrival guarantee. anybody order from them recently?

ok, i ordered 100 larvae on wed, they shipped them thurs. and i recieved them on friday morning. they even emailed me back with a total on shipping that they charged to my card. :D they all arrived just fine.

Just received a batch of crickets. Best looking batch I have ever received from them or anyone.

Just got another shippment of blue bottle fly larvae from grubco. The service was great and the the larvae look good. Me and my mantids are now very happy.

Just recieved some blue bottle fly larvae. Service was great and fast. Will be doing bussiness with grub co again.

I talked to Dave at Grubco, and the site is just to busy, so they are not taking new customers on certain items right now, when the season settles down they will restart it. btw, I always get me crickets from em! :p

Tried to get flies ordered awhile back from them but they were not taking any internet orders. I went somewhere else.

Purchased 2000 crickets two weeks ago, they were delivered fine, but half died before a whole 9 days had passed and the rest shortly after, not usual for crickets from grubco. Talked to Dave and he was goin to replace the 1/2" ones, but after calling to see where they were today, I was told they only gave half a credit for them, it was $7.00. Humph! :angry: so no replacements coming, looks like me and my poor ole knees will be outside tonight! Ordered 2000 more and was told no guarantee cause of the heat! hah! chained to the cricket farmers, I am <_< ($7.00 don't seem like half to me & I just needed the crickets not the money, only if I go to pet store and buy they are 9 cents apiece. so 90 cents for 9 crickets, lets see that will feed..... WHAT! 9 mantis for one day :ph34r: )?

UPDATE: I placed another order for crickets, and they got here safe and sound! Now hope they live past a week!

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