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I just recieved 1,000 blue bottle fly maggots from grubco. Once again, everything went real smooth and with no problems. I will be ordering from them again soon.

Just recieved another shippment of blue bottle fly larve from grubco. Fast shipping, and great hatch rate.

Will be doing bussiness with them again.

Another nice shipment of blubottle larvae from them. This was one of the better batches I have received.

Just recieved some more blue bottle fly larve from Grubco. Fast shipping and great service like always. Will be doing bussiness with them again!

Got some crickets. Came fast and good quality. Price was higher than I wanted to pay but wormman was having site problems and it wouldn't go through there which would have been a much better deal.

Got some maggots from them today all look healthy plus lol'd at the post lady and my parents when they saw em.

Definitely recommend them.

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Got my order of maggots in today, in awesome shape. Out of 2,000 maggots, very few are dead. Very good results compared to others. I was going to buy elsewhere (free shipping), but I needed these fast so I bought from them. Shipping is a bit high ($10.26) but its fine by me since they arrived in awesome shape and in only a few days. I was more than willing to pay the extra in shipping, considering I was nearly out of flies to feed my Empusa and Gongylus with.

For some odd reason, the maggots smell like sea food. :lol:

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Received a few thousand crickets last week, they were really cold. After putting them in the container,I scopped out about 2 cups worth and left them to warm up. The next day over half were dead, I didn't even bother calling Grubco, not worth my time anymore. I decided to try someone else. Summer orders are usually good, winter orders are always cold from them, They can't bother to use a couple heat packs to at least give them a chance.
I ordered a boat load of fly larvae from them, and was very satisfied. The only problem I've encountered is that I'm in a "zone" where shipping is different so I have to call to get an exact shipping price. Not that big of a deal, but I would recommend looking at their map so you know if S&H is going to be different. I just placed a large order for crickets and superworms too, so I'm looking forward to how this will turn out!

I just got an order of crickets in today. Packaged very well, with 2 heat packs as I had requested. It was 2 boxes, one smaller inside of a bigger, and there was a heat pack in each of them and potatoes in with the crickets. Had some dead arrivals, but got way more than the 500 I ordered. Don't really know where to put them though.....hadn't planned on them being here so quickly....

I have been ordering my blue bottle larvae from Grubco these last 4 years. I have had very few problems over the years. Highly recommend them!

Tried Grubco again, all cam e inok, but the crickets are dying real easy, scopped a hundred out a while ago. Gonna try someone else soon, rainbow dont have any lately, so gonna try someone whos crickets live longer than a week.

I order all my BB flies from grubco. Best hath rates I've gotten from anyone. Great service, fast shipping, and excellent prices. I have no reason to go anywhere else


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