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Oct 24, 2008
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Yuma AZ, where else?
I wrote this yesterday, but in the excitement failed to post it. I got a good looking, well packed gongy ooth from Chris, very reasonably priced and with five free L2 nymphs that were so fit that they were eating HFs a few minutes after being unpacked. This was particularly impressive since they were Mailed on Monday, 12-27, but since the post Xmas week is notoriously slow for USPS, they didn't arrive (Priority) until Friday.

The excitement was that the ooth hatched within an hour of arriving -- babies everywhere! Nice job Chris!

Received my order today, ordered 6 chinese nymphs and a gongy oothe. All was well. The nymphs, of which there were about a dozen, all were alive and packaged in a deli cup. Secured to the top of the lid was the oothe. Will do business again, thanks guapoalto049!

I have to say chris is the man :punk: .He reply to my emails promptly and very professionally +

well packed on time and he really really cares about his customers and mantis .More than happy to order from him again. :D

I received my order from Chris today, well packed and everyone arrived healthy. It was extremely well packed. The mantids ate right away and look very good. This was my first time ordering mantids and it went very well. Count me as a satisfied customer! Will definitely do business with him again!


I agree with any previous posts suggesting Chris's efficiency professionalism and innovative packaging :p

Not only did he give me a healthy supplement of answers to my noobish questions but also made sure my first international order went successfully and in style ! ( I received a kind little santa stuffy with the oothecae hidden under his beard )

Anyways this will be my first time raising nymphs and I thank chris kindly for his help , prices and for being the first person on the internet I've bought something off . I look forward to business with him in the future !

Now I have to wait and "pray" the wee lads hatch! :huh:

Chris is fantastic! Super fast shipping! Excellent packing! He even threw in a few more violen mantids! What more can one ask for in service. Thanks very much Chris if you are reading this.

Paul :D

I ordered a gongy ooth, came very well packaged, even came with it's own deli cup :) Chris is friendly and easy to talk to, I highly recommend this breeder.

I ordered some Gongy oothecae and knew that it was going to be late in the week when all was ready to mail, but mail he did, a professionally packed Priority Mail box, with the most insulation that I have encountered to date, each ooth attached with thread to a deli lid, humidity provided by excelsior. Chris included as a bonus, two fine looking Budwing L-3s. They were in fantastic shape. The final word is that all arrived from PA to CA in two days. Good job, Chris. I now have three really professional people whom I feel I can trust, deal with, and communicate with and be aided by in my quest to be a top rate Mantid fancier. Chris, you are an asset to us all. Anyone thinking about doing business with Chris, go for it, you will be pleased!


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Rich Sekerman

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i got 5 ghosts from in him and he gave me three extra and six budwings for free :) he had great shipping very fast just a great person to deal with

Fast shipping and good communication. Would definitely buy from again. I also received two additional ghost nymphs.

guapoalto049 (Chris) just sent me a bunch of nymphs. It was a pleasure doing business with him: he was quick to return emails, packaged the nymphs perfectly with insulation and food, and best of all he mailed my package within 12 hours of when I had initially contacted him.

Thanks Chris!

Sorry Chris ,

This is a bit late ,but I purchased a dozen Budwings ALL arrived safe and sound-a month later all still thriving!

Thanks a BUNCH !!


Received nymphs as described w/ some extras for breeding. Packaging was very good as well as communication. Very prompt w/ delivery and responses. Thanks for the hearty mantises!

ordered six ghost nymphs form chis got seven..all arrived in great shape and fed immediately.

thanks a ton


Bought an ooth from guapoalto049 (Chris) and will post back when it hatches, FYI: A+ on packing, communication, and prompt.

Chris is a great guy to deal with. The mantids were unfortunately returned to the sender at first though, because USPS messed up (my adress got smudged or somethin). After the package reached him he sent it out to me again. It arrived quickly. It was packed very well. I received two Mantis Religiosa ooths and one Tenodera angustipennis ooth. Great guy! I highly recommend him.

Bought some mantids from Chris, and they came very well packed and all survived. He sent out the mantids very fast and got here very fast also! It was a joy communication and transacting with him and I hope and look forward to doing business with him again!



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