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I just received my ghost nymphs from Chris and they were packaged perfectly. He threw in a few extra and all of them arrived safe and healthy and they are all eating now! Chris was a pleasure to do business with. If you are thinking about purchasing from him, I highly recommend that you do!!!!

I ordered 5 ghost mantids from him during the heat wave, and the 7 he sent me (quite predictably in retrospect) arrived dead. I told him about this, and we agreed that if I paid shipping again he would send me a new set. I did so, and we waited 2 weeks for the heat to pass, during which time he had some Hierodula Majuscula nymphs hatch. Today I received about 10 ghosts and 4 H. Majuscula in the mail and they were all alive. This is the best seller I've ever dealt with in any business and he went above and beyond to make sure that I was happy. Highly recommended!

Edit: I should also mention that he answered 3 pages worth of questions in pm about mantids for me. Truly a saint. :)

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Got my package early today! Ordered 5 majuscula nymphs and got a few extra, everything was packed well, and all ate immediately after being unpacked! After a day all look well and active (except for one slightly wimpy looking one that's been sitting belly-down on the bottom of its deli cup, can't tell if it was dehydrated or if it was just a runt, or if it'll pull through, but oh well).

All in all great service from Chris, thanks so much on helping me get my first mantis babies. :D

Just got four Blepharopsis Mendica from Guapo... sent Priority Shipping.. all arrived to California safely and happily. Breeder very prompt in reply plus shipping... easy to deal with.. highly recommend. Thanks so much for the new babies!!!!! -LL

Nothing but good things about Chris. He sent me triple the number of mantids i ordered as extras. Will order from him again!

Asked him for some Blepharopsis Mendica to be shipped to my work. After some dialog back and forth (he was super quick at responding to each message) he shipped and the next day I'm here sitting happily with 11 of them! Excellent transaction!

the orchid female arrived safe and sound no thanks to substitute driver throwing box on porch :s and omg so many free majuscula! tysm :)

ordered my mega mantis and they arrived alive and well with 3 extra thanks buddy! will order again!

Ordered some mega mantis nymphs from Chris and am very pleased with our transaction--his communication is good (ask for his email for even faster replies), he ships quickly and will accommodate special shipping instructions, his prices are a steal, and he sends TONS of freebies. THANKS!!

I just got hoooooooked up by guapo for some mega mantis!  This guy rocks!!!!!  AMAZING packaging!  Some of the best in the hobby!  And he also gave several freebies along with the order!  HIGHLY Recommended!

Great transaction!!! Package was lost in the mail for a few days but not his fault. All were alive and well with extras and packaged well!!


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