I thought I would share some pictures of my other babies :)


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Oct 2, 2012
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Sacramento, CA
Here are some pictures of my other babies that I love so much.

This is Belladonna, she is my Rosehair tarantula that I have had for 7 years. She is such a sweet girl, and I love her to death. She is a spoiled little girl who gets a 40 gallon tank all to herself and she loves it. Earlier this year she had a bad molt and ended up losing a leg in the process. It was very scary for me and I cried a lot because I wasn't sure if she was going to be ok (it took her a couple days to molt). Well she molted again not too long ago and she has her leg back and is doing great.



And this is Isis; my lovely little yellow bearded dragon. I have also had her for about 7 years. She loves music, and she LOVES her bugs. I have never bred her, as I was too afraid of something happening to her. She loves salad and will usually eat that before anything else. She is super friendly and loves to be held.


And here we have Esmerelda who I have had for a year now. I got her at last year's reptile expo in Sacramento. I'm pretty sure it's a "she" because she doesn't croak. She likes to hop around her tank at night and she is a pretty good eater. Ever since I upgraded her tank and gave her a pond with waterfall filter she seems a lot happier.



and this is her home...


Gollum is an Usambra Orange Baboon tarantula that I have had for about a year or so. I don't have a bigger picture of him on my computer because he never comes out and when he does he runs back into his cave as soon as I walk up to the tank.


This next one is Dragon Lilly. She is a beautiful Venezulelan Suntiger. She is as fast as lightning.


And I cannot forget my cat Eddie (I know hes not a "critter" but he needs some mention too). I adopted him not that long ago, and I could not ask for a better cat... he is perfect for me.


Sorry for such a long post but I was in a posting sort of mood, lol. Hope you like

:) You guys should post some pictures of your pets.​

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Thank you guys, you are all so sweet. I really want to get another dumpy's tree frog so that I can breed them. I have never bred frogs before but I think it would be really neat. And bearded dragons make great pets, they have so much personality.

I recently had a black widow as a pet but she passed away. They are awesome spiders...here are two pictures of her.



I used to have 2 dumpy tree frogs. They were growing together just fine. Then one night one frog decided to eat the other. So now I have 1 dumpy tree frog. Nice pets =) love your beardie.

Do not like pictures of spiders on humans. ;) I used to have a black widow when I was much younger. Mom made be get rid of it though.

Lol why, shes such a sweet spider. I hold her all the time. It would have looked really cool of she was on my other hand because I have these gnarly scars running up my wrist from a cat that I was shaving down at work. I think it would have made a cool pic because I took this pic when they were still somewhat new.

About the black widow, lol, I know what you mean. When I was younger I had to hide my black widows that I caught because my mom would have flipped out. She freaked out when she found my collection of snails so I can't imagine how she would have reacted about a black widow.