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Oct 27, 2007
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Davis, CA
I purchased quite a few S. limbata nymphs from Kermit. Not only did he knock the price down upon asking, but he added a few more nymphs. He was excellent in communicating, provided shipping number, actually tracked the package himself, and the packaging was professional. Would definitely do business again. 

Did a trade with Kermit. Communication,packing, and ship were all perfect. Even threw in extra friends :D

Purchased several Stagmomantis gracilipes from Kermit. He was very informative, punctual, and helpful through the entire process. He even appeased my wishes and waited to ship until after I returned from a vacation! I would strongly recommend.

Did a breeding trade with Kermit. I sent him my female to mate with his male in return for some ooths from the pairing. He sent be updates and pictures of progress the whole time, and most importantly got the job done! Our pair mated successfully, and he sent me more ooths than we agreed upon in the end! He shipped promptly, packed the ooths well, and included heat packs. I would definitely recommend him to anyone considering doing business with him in the future!

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I purchased five mantids from Kermit. Great transaction. He sent an extra mantis, provided me with care information, and the mantids arrived very carefully packaged. I would definitely do business with Kermit again!

Kermit is the man. Great prices, communication and shipping. Not only that but he took the time to send a proper care guide for the nymphs I purchased. I'd definitely buy from him again.

Kermit is a great seller! I purchased and received three Brunner's nymphs! I also ordered some B. Mendica, but he didn't consider some of the nymphs to be strong enough, so in compensation mailed me some surprise nymphs and gave me a full refund! A+ communication, price, and mantises. Looking forward to doing business with him again! :D  

Kermit is awesome.  We got 3 Brunners from him and he sent some extras.  Thanks so much!!

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He was a very nice man, and he was a lot more patient then most would be to me. I tend to change my mind a lot, but wanted to give a good review as he was very kind talking to me. I do want to apologize for pulling out of the deal, and I would like to suggest to others to buy from him. He is very dedicated to the critters he raises, and he's one of the best breeders I have had the honor to come across.

@Kermit Again I senserily applogize for wasting your time, and I think anyone would be lucky to have you as a breeder.

Amazing breeder and just a great guy. Answered all my questions and had great tips and advice. Very patient as I am changing my mind constantly. I have done two purchases with him now, both have gone smoothly. I'm currently waiting on a ooth to hatch from him. I'll update this once it hatches!

Ordered a pair of violin mantis from kermit. They just arrived and are in great condition.

Great communication and very quick delivery. I wouldn't hesitate to order from him agian.

Received some male violins. Excellent packaging and shipping, everything arrived in good health :)

Bought three Phyllocrania paradoxa babies from Kermit and the transaction was so smooth. Money was received and he agreed to hold them for me until I was able to move, and when my plans changed he went ahead and shipped them as soon as the weather permitted. They came in containers that they can grow out in and they were all healthy and active. Since then each of them has molted and is eating healthy and happy. I'm maintaining their enclosures well with the amazing first time mantis care information he sent me and I'm enjoying all three of them sitting on my bookshelf. I love seeing them in my room and showing them to people who ask what they are. Amazing all around. 10/10 would purchase from again!

Fantastic interaction!  Very helpful and provides timely responses.
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Just got 7 Hierodula membranacea nymphs (only ordered 6), and they all look amazing. Communication was excellent, he responded to all my inquiries really fast. Allow me to share the timeline:

Day one: initial message, answered, deal made, shipped

day two: delivered. 

What else can be said? He shipped it the same day I inquired about them. Exemplary. Packing was great, packed it in an insulated box and shipped FedEx overnight. 

Overall, I’d give him a 10/10. I will definitely order from him again, and would recommend him to anyone looking for a great deal

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I just bought some hierodula membranacea nymphs from Kermit. He was quick to respond to PMs and a pleasure to work with. He accidentally mixed up my order with someone else's and I got only 2/3 of what I had ordered. I told him and he responded quickly and by the next day I had the nymphs. I paid for 2-day shipping, and I got my mantids in 3 days (USPS's fault) but when Kermit sent me the extras that he had missed, he paid for overnight shipping and they arrived at my door the next day.  He does a great job with packing and I would definitely recommend and buy from him again.

- MantisGirl13

I just recieved my order from @Kermit and my order goods are in perfect condition (dispite FedEx dropping the ball big time on over night shipping shipped Thursday and recieved Monday..). I paid for 3 Giant Asians and received 4 then he also included a "suprise nymph"!

5 star rating.