Lets see the face behind the username!


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My BFF Abby sent me this last night. It was from our trip to Cirque du Soleil in October. This is definitely one for the slide show at my memorial. It truly captures the essence of me. LOL


FYI....That was a spicy shrimp on a skewer and topped with a mango cotton candy. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

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This is me when I was younger.


I am the older one and the younger one is one of my brothers. The Cherries (Bputt Cqot in Korean) bloom in April, but bloom earlier in Washing DC and Wake Forest, possibly because a different variety or conditions, such as different soil. I think it was beautiful in South Korea compared to Wake Forest. I got used to the city and living here feels dull LOL.


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I know this is an old topic but I would like to jump on board if that is OK. This is a pic of me,my wife and our son on his 6th b-day.

IMG_0053 (6).JPG

The Cherries (Bputt Cqot in Korean) bloom in April, but bloom earlier in Washing DC and Wake Forest, possibly because a different variety or conditions, such as different soil.
I was wrong. The cherry trees bloom at April in NC. I thought the plum trees that bloom earlier than cherry trees were cherry trees.


Me and Swix, my Grammostola pulchripes (Chaco Golden-Knee tarantula) spiderling. I took this about four days ago.

Majesty, one of my two first mantids, on my face. I needed a hair cut bad, hahaa. Adult female Stagmomantis limbata. Taken 3 years ago.

Kent-Lok on my face, I look Irish here, this was taken 2 years ago. I have a habit of putting my mantids on my face LOL

Creatura beside my face rather than on it for a change. I took this a couple days ago. Creatura's an adult male Parasphendale agrionina.
It's so interesting to see everybody. Rick you look a lot like I imagined you would! You're totally a "Rick"

I was thought you were female, how foolish of me, nice pics, awesome scorpion

Haven't posted a pic of Fuzzy lately, I gave him some V8, then taught him how to hit his head with the palm of his hand and say " Dad, I could of had a v8! " haha I kill me! You should see him do it! He will be 3 next month!



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Hah! It's actually really surprising how close some of you look to the way I kind of assumed you looked. Normally, I'm waaay off. It's kinda cool to see the faces of everyone here!

I guess I'll dump my face here, too:



Mantis has no use for kisses; prefers to employ lips as staircase instead.

Well I guess it's my turn. Here I am with my Shield girl and a few others!!







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Normally, I would not do this.... But since this forum has become basically my new home and everyone here seems to have a straight head, this is the face of "LAME"


Not much into photos of myself. Here is the most recent I could find of me, no need to take a new one either, as this one is only 1/2 a year old or so.

I was at a Electric Six and Yip Deceiver concert, and had a few too many to drink. I'm on the left with the mustache, and on the right is Valentine the singer of Electric Six. :D


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