Lets see the face behind the username!


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Dec 15, 2004
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We did this awhile back but have many more members now. I know some of you won't participate but it's nice to see the person behind the username:

This is me.


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Okay than, time to post a picture of me that ISN'T mad by a crappy webcam and horribly deformed :rolleyes:

This is me in the place i hang out all day:


What kind of area is that taken in? Looks like a neat area.

all this time i've never knew what you looked like rick, it's nice to finally put a face to the name. hehe

my pic is in my avatar. -= P

Rick, I'm sorry... but I really want to rub your head and shine it up good! :rolleyes: :p :lol: Love your doggie! ;)

Good pic Idolo. :)

Give us a larger pic, wuwu!! :p

Here's me recently (the beginning of this month), with my new T. sinensis mantis T-shirt from Giosan!


Here's me and my son


Here we are with our "snow cat!"


And then the family...


all this time i've never knew what you looked like rick, it's nice to finally put a face to the name. hehemy pic is in my avatar. -= P
Which is the reason for this thread. Some people are weird about this stuff and won't post a pic online though.

Hey Katnapper where did you get the mantis shirt?

Hey Katnapper where did you get the mantis shirt?
I won it in the "Guess the Weight" contest we had on the forum a couple of months ago! :D Giorgio and Sandra (Giosan) sent it to me all the way from the Netherlands. They have the T-shirts on their website (with several different shirt styles, sizes, and a great selection of different mantids you can choose from), and anyone can go there and order their own! ;)

fishing trip


i caught a fish :)


lol. james and me in the city. rockin out.


more rockin out... :)


me and my friends at my 20th


Hey Forum,

It's great putting a face to a name. So here's a couple of pics for anyone's whose interested. Anyone??? hahaha

Sorry about all the edits. I'm having trouble with the Insert Image option, so these thumbnails will have to do for now :(

The first one is of me at my girlfriend's birthday. I really like Chinese food :D


Second one is Olga & I at Good Vibrations concert earlier this year.


Another one of me at Featherdale Wildlife Park with a grumpy old kookaburra.


And finally, myself & a Purple-Winged Mantid (Tenodera australiasiae). I'm not sure what's on my hand but I study chemistry.






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this is the only one i have.i dont like having my pic taken:)


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Superfreak I would have guessed you to be about 14 so was surprised when you said 20.

You just look young, it's a good thing, trust me. One day I will post one myself, I just don't want to break the whole internet. :p

Ok, fine....but be warned to shield your eyes :)

I think there only exist 2 pics of me....both with my Luv....I'm always behind the camera and I like it that way.

Us enjoying ourselves.....

Our youngest kid....

What do you mean Praying mantises?!?!?!

Your kidding, right?!?!?

More fun with the wife....

Now you know why the look on her face in the previous pic :)

P.S. no booze involved :)


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