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The Wolven

bug-cats or cat-bugs? That is the real question.
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Oct 18, 2021
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Midwest US
I made the above statement on 02/26/23. Since then, I've been working on my third cricket generation. The first chirp occurred about an hour ago. That means that at 90F, it takes Acheta domesticus exactly two months to go through it's complete lifecycle. The second generation remained in it's adult stage (chirping) for a lot longer than I had anticipated. At lower temperatures, I suspect I could keep the crickets alive in their adult stage for a month alone. So that's one month of growing, and one month of harvesting, per generation. If I wanted available feeders at all times, I suppose I could have a second colony going. Right now I'm filling in the voids with roaches. Tarantulas seem to go though fairly extensive fasting periods anyway. It's that whole pre-molt, post-molt thing.
It's best to "fill in the void" with roaches anyways. Mantises require a varied diet to thrive.


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Oct 10, 2011
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Columbus, OH
My roaches love Repashy Bug Burger, but it ain't cheap. Today, I didn't have enough Bug Burger left to mix up a full batch, so I added some inexpensive poultry feed to it. So about 50% Bug Burger and 50% chick feed. My roaches seem to like this new mixture just as much as pure Repashy.
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