Snowed in!


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Aw I'm jealous Becky, I want it to snow here. :(

The more snow the better - meaning the less school. Huahua! :lol:

Yeah - I'd like more snow in Poland too, I haven't seen a good, solid winter since I was yae high!

Yea we are all out of school days here, I guess they are gonna be borrowing from the summer break. Tomorrow promises to have a start of 12" and by sat nite another 12"! So two feet of snow on top of Ice! SSSSSSSSSslick is what I calls it! :lol:

Heres what we got today, sat Mar, 8. This is pic of the grill again, only cannot get to it to put the eyes in and the snow in front of it almost covers it all up! :rolleyes:


I don't understand how you guys deal with all cold! It was 72 F today @ my house! But I grew up in a place where we never had a snow day but we did get to go home if the air conditioner broke in the summer!

I was BBQing last weekend!

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