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Mar 30, 2010
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Did a 3 way trade with him and another member. Worked out great. both mantids arrived in excellent condition. Will recommend to others.

Well after 8 days they arrived wasn't sellers fault was USPS fault would recommend this seller.

mine did arrive doa unfortunately 

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Bought Indian Flower Mantis nymph from him. Beautiful mantis. Great condition. Highly recommend. Great communication. Quick shipping. Will buy from him again.


Purchased a rhombodera megaera L3 nymph from him, mantis arrived safely and promptly ate one or two fruit flies! Was a pleasure to work with and had great communication, would recommend. :)

been 3 days and i chose priority and my mantids aren't here yet!!! My friend cheryl dewitt had a similar story, her mantids arrived DOA!!! This guy ships in envelopes with no heat pack. Tread cautiously with this seller!!! Will not do business with this seller again!!!
I shipped to you via priority. I cannot control the mantids not arriving to you within 3 days. That is completely in the hands of USPS not me. As for mentioning another transaction with another customer how can you write a review when you still have yet to have the product(in this case, the mantids) in hand? As for your friend, it was not a similar story because her mantids arrived within 2 days. I have spoken to her already and working to resolve the conflict. That was my first ever sending DOA and was an honest mistake. 

I received an L3 rhombodera megaera from him. It arrived safe and sound and very healthy. Great breeder!

Bought some R. megaera nymphs from Yankeeman and had a great experience--quick shipping, great communication, good packaging, and strong, healthy bugs, THANKS!!

A wonderful and quick transaction.  He even threw in an extra Majuscula nymph as well as some hissing roaches (which unfortunately I couldn't home, so I donated them to a local exotic pet store).  I would definitely recommend him!

Ordered a couple of extencillosis from him and he threw in a free dessicata. Well packaged in their own individual containers and all of them were alive and healthy. Great communication and overall friendly person. Would highly recommend ????

I ordered a couple of mantids from yankeeman and they were delivered fast and well packed!! 

Not to mention the communication when I asked questions was quick and very helpful, highly recommended!!!

Recieved some nymphs today. they were packed perfectly with a large ice pack, very active and healthy. I wouldn't hesitate to order again! And great communication. Highly recommended! Thanks!


  was very professional, it was quick very well packed and prompt. The mantis are beautiful. I love dearly already. I got a shield mantis and a Chinese sub mantis he threw in. Almost brought me to tears, I miss Bugsey. Thank you so much, I can't wait to get my dead leaf tomorrow.

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So so sorry this was so late, I haven't been on here recently. Thank you so much for cherry blossom. She's a wonderful addition to our mantis family :). Everything was packed to perfection.

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This is a bit late but it was a pleasure dealing with yankeeman. He had quick responses, quality shipping and beautiful mantis. My orchid and musarum arrived alive and well!