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Received a Hierodula Majuscula pair from joey today! They arrived healthy and happy and were packaged perfectly! He is always quick to respond to any question I have and always sends tracking immediately. 

Received a very nice looking Orchid ooth from Yankeeman today.  Friendly, reasonable guy with good communication.  Would definitely do business with him again.

I had a great experience with @yankeeman1421 . I ordered three R. Basalis babies and he was great with accommodating a special request from me. They shipped the morning after I ordered them and were well packaged. It took USPS 4 days to get them to me and they were still very active and healthy looking when they arrived. Since they arrived I've pestered him with questions about how to care for them and he's been very nice and a good sport helping out a noob mantid keeper. I would definitely buy from him again in the future, thanks!

This is one of the babies sitting on my sister's little finger, acting like a boss already lol. She keeps putting up her raptor arms like she's ready to fight us and it's adorable and funny at the same time.


Just received 3 D. Desiccata nymphs from him, all look healthy, strong, and quite lively. He also threw in a Carolina ooth, and some melanogaster FFs. And as I’m sure we all know, more feeders = more happiness ?

Overall, it was an excellent experience, and I’ll definitely be trading/buying from him again

Just got a couple ooths from him, both appear to be in good shape. Also threw in another D. Desiccata, so now I’ve got 4. As always, a pleasure to work with. Definitely going to do more with him in the future 

Bought four orchid nymphs and he shipped the same day! Responsive and quick to provide tracking information. They were very well packed with a heat pack, plenty of filler, and structure to keep them secure. 👍

Purchased five Hestiasula major from Yankeeman1421.  One arrived DOA.  Yankeeman 1421 replaced the mantis with a Heirodula majuscula.  Arrived in great condition along with the additional 4 H. Majuscula I added to the order.  All nymphs are eating, molting, and in excellent condition.  Recommended seller! 

Thank you


Great service form yankeeman1421. Purchased on 14th and they were packaged and sent same day. They (2 L4 Orchids)  arrived this morning. Packaged very well and eating already. I highly recommend. Excellent experience all and all

I just bought a beautiful fertile female dead leaf from him. He was a pleasure to work with, and even included some extra surprises! I would definitely recommend him. 

- MantisGirl13

Cant recommend enough! bought a couple orchids a few weeks ago and all came safe and in great health. they have molted once since then and doing phenomenal. definitely going to be on the look out and ordering more in the future. packaging was to notch and communication was excellent. 

Made a trade and he was very responsive. All my little friends got here safely and in very good condition. Very happy on my end and will definitely do business with him again. Very reliable and honest.

I just got 5 dead leaf mantids from him and they all arrived healthy and beautiful. He packed everything up super well and added plenty of warmers - they traveled across the entire country in the winter and are all currently eating as we speak. He also threw in some red runners which was a nice surprise. I would not hesitate to purchase from this seller in the future. 

I recieved a ghost ooth from him.  The ooth arrived in great shape.  He even threw in a free L2 ghost nymph!  I highly reccomend this guy!  Definitely buying from him again in the future!

I just got another ooth from Yankeeman.  Deroplatys Desiccata.  It arrived in great shape with an A+ packing job.  The ghost ooth I got from him a couple weeks ago hatched out 40 beautiful nymphs.  I look forward to doing more business with Yankeeman.  

You can't go wrong with this guy. Excellent packaging and speedy replies! Bought 7 Theopompa from him and he even added an extra!

(I made a mistake. I got him confused with Yen Saw and left the review for Yen Saw instead)

 I purchased theopropus elegans from this person, they stated that they have a breeding group for sale of theos. It was stated that they have 1 male and 3 females for sale and later I found out that they were all females. Not only did they mess up the sex but also gave me another species. I found out recently after feeding my mantises that they gave me one Theopropus cattulus instead of Elegans. This person claims they have been breeding mantises for years and makes these silly mistakes.  

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Ordered 10 orchid nymphs from him. USPS took forever on 2 day shipping, ended up losing it for awhile but I finally did get it. He packed them really well and somehow 2 survived over a week in the mail. He shipped me out more for no cost via UPS overnight and they arrived in great condition. Overall received more than I'd ordered and had great communication the whole time. Would highly recommend.