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I traded with Yen Saw too, and the ooths he sent me look good.

Just an update - Both oothecae that I recieved hatched out. :D


I have done business with Yen on a few occasions and have nothing but good things to say! Great guy to do business with.

Just got a few mantids from Yen. Excellent experience and highly recommened. Quick to reply to emails, fair prices, VERY fast shipping, and of course the mantids were in great shape. Plus, he sent me a few extra 8)

I received 5 healthy, vigorous nymphs in a very timely manner from Yen and freebies besides. :D He was honest and good to deal with. He comes highly recommended in my book.

Ramona Lundberg

I traded with Yen Saw mantis. I got the parcel with the mantis very fast.

All well and healthy. He is a very nice person.

i bought a native mantis from yen, it arrived in a timely manner, also they were healthy as they could be :D



Bought Some Mantises And They Arrived Express But I Picked Them Up Next Day! Still VERY HEALTHY!!! Thanks A Lot Yen And I Recommend Him To Everyone!!

I bought a mantis off Yen and arrived nice and healthy!!! Yen is a very good guy and advise people to buy from him!!! Thanks a lot Yen!

Sorry for the mistake he caught me a green anole and gave it to me for free. He didn't catch me :lol:

I got alot of mantids from him and they were in perfect condition :D . all survive and the acking was excelent!! :D . I really hope to do more buying or trading with him :D .



I have just recived a spiny flower mantis breeding pair from Yen and they came in at good shape! As soon as I got them they showed no sign of weakness and ate right away. He also sent in a free heat pack with the parcel (other mantis breeders would probably charge $1-$5 for a heat pack) The anole I also recived from Yen is also in good shape :D

Thanks Yen have a great summer. Same with all you guys out there and I wish you luck with your mantids.

Ooth I received from Yen hatched today. A lot of nymphs that all look great!

I recieved some Mantids from Yen and they all arrived safe and sound. and pretty quick too. THANKS YEN.


Yen just sent me some wonderful Budwings! They were sent promptly and securely packaged. Thank you Yen! I recommend him to anyone buying mantids.


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