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I received lots of mantids from Yen Saw. Always healthy and in good condition. He packs them really good, making sure they can hold on even if the box is dropped!

Thanks Yen !

Yen is the man!

I purchased 10 flower mantids from him. He was quick to respond to my E-mails, packed them perfectly and shipped them fast. He even included a couple extra nymphs. All of them arrived safe and healthy. I couldn't be more satisfied and I hope to do business with him again.

Thanks Yen!

I got 7 PW's and 8 budwings from yen :D . they all made it and amazing packaging too :) . And they all look very big and healthy as nymphs :D definitly will buy and trade a lot more with him:). great buy.


I ordered 10 budwing nymphs and 10 spiny flower nymphs, recieved 14 budwing nymphs and 11 spiny flower nymphs. All arrived alive, with great packing. Yen's the best breeder I know of in the US; just wish I knew he had some ghosts hatching soon so I could've gotten some of those too. Quick to respond to e-mails and answer questions.

Wondering packing, I should say excellent! He definitely 'hook' me up! I would definitely purchase from him again, probably shortly too... LOL...

Chen Lai

I ordered from Yen again, this time some S. Lineola and Wahlbergii nymphs. All of them arrived alive and packaged carefully. He even included extra, just in case. :D I'm looking forward to doing business with him again.

I just ordered 5 spiny flower mantids from yen. Great packaging all were in great shape and well fed. He even gave extra. Definately not shy about eating. Will be buying from yen in the future for sure

Received some active and healthy mantises from Yen Saw. Excellent packaging, no injury even some mantises molted en transit. Yen Saw also reply to email promptly and ship out the package in a timely manner with extra mantises in.

I got a P. Wahlbergii ootheca from Yen Sas a few week ago... today it have hatched 30- 40 nymphs :) !

Thanks Yen!

Thanks Yen,

Had received the Ootheca on time, really appreciate for the nice and safe packaging which keeps the Ootheca in good condition. You are really thoughful

Will get more from you in future!



Traded mantids with Yen again. Shipped in a timely manner and all arrived in perfect condition. Excellent packaging too!

Just recieved mantis from Yen; great packing, quick to ship, and the mantis arrived healthy and in good condition. Thanks Yen!

Bought Some Mantids From Yen. Arrived In Excellent Condition! Will Definately Do Business With Yen In The Future!!


i recieved some wonderful mantis from yen, all arived well and in best condition. Great packaging too, thx Yen.



Just recieved some popa spruca mantids from yen :D . they can in great shape and are running around out of control lol :D . pleasure doing bussiness with ya yen! hope to buy more and trade with u!



I ordered three Popa spurca nymphs, 2 PW nymphs, and a B. borealis ootheca from Yen. All arrived healthy, alert, and in great condition. I couldn't be more pleased. I even received a couple extras. Yen is highly recommended. :D

HI everyone.

I have bougth mantisses from Yen many times now, but i would like to say it again, he sells very high Quality mantids. All mantids that i have recieved from Yen has allways been alive at arrivel and all Oothecas has hatched out. He is a very nice and fair person. I will recommend him for everybody.




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