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I recieved a lot of mantids from yen! they all survived with exelent packaging, care quality! Thanks yen :D i'll definitly do more bussiness with ya :D .


Yen is one of the best breeders around. His mantises are top quality...he packs them very well and ships them fast. He responds quickly to emails and is just generally a great guy! I look forward to doing business with Yen again. :D


Recieved 8 dead leaf mantids from yen :D . all came in perfect condition and are all healthy and strong! will definitly do more bussiness and trading with yen!


I have received some Oothecae of T. Graminis from Yen, and they were al in good condition and very good packing.

One of the Ootheca hatched during the trip, but all 13 nymphs are still alive:)

Thanks, Pim

Hey Yen, Have receieved your Mantids Oothecae :D Thanks~

Didn't know that you like to drink chinese tea! Hahahaha...

I just purchased some borealis and ooths from Yen. This is my third or fourth purchase from Yen and everything arrived in great shape. He even included some extra ooths. Thanks again Yen for the great service.

Shipped quickly,he also sent me a tracking number which I like allot.Would do buisness with him again in a heart beat.


I have purchased both nymps and ootheca from Yen. He has great packaging, he adds a "little something" to my packages. You can truly tell Yen handles his mantises with Tender Loving Care!!

yen == the awsome

everything good you could read above is true

everything came quick and alive

he even gave me a ton of info on how to care for my order after payment was placed , in the pased most places bassically ignore you after you pay , but not yen

recieved a whole bunch of mantids from yen! they all arrive alive amazingly thanks to yens great packaging :D . will always buy and trade from him in the future! Thanks yen:D


The B Mendica ooth I recieved from Yen hatched a total of 38.Now I have my hands full,but it's fun anyway.I haven't had a bad experience dealing with Yen Saw.

as alway... I am happy with the quality and the manner in which Yen handles the shipping and the packaging of ooths and larve...especially during these icy cold months.




got 5 more mendicas from yen today all seem to be fine and packaging was good

yay yen . sorry so short but im hungery

I bought 10 nymphs from yen, and even in 18degree F weather i recieved them all alive and totally healthy, they all ate within 10 minutes of unpacking, and he even sent a freebie. All in all he is a good buisiness man and mantis breeder.

I recieved excellent service fron Yen, not only were my mantids, alive, well packaged. he provided a large amount of help, and that is worth as much as the price of the mantids.

YEN SAW , great guy!! great service !! great breeder!! I order some mantis from yen all came in good will definately order more from this great guy yen your the best ROACHMAN!!! buy from this guy you won't be sorry !!!!!!!!!!!!

I just got some thai flower mantis from Yen, he even gave me a few extra! Being new to matids, he has helped me along with all the rearing instructions. Very informative and I'll do business with him again!


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