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ordered a few mantises from Yen this week during a PERFECT shipping weather week (no need in FOCO for insulation or any kind of pack) and got some very healthy, very alive mantises
he included a few extras and I'm very satisfied :D
placed an order with Yen this week and it arrived in perfect shape. I asked him for insulation and heat packs (although today was in the 50s so probably not needed, gotta love living in the mountains where temps can swing by 30 or more degrees in the winter in about 12 hours) just to be safe and he sent very healthy mantises with plenty of extras and it's all great!
now to set up the new bebeZ
Just purchased beautiful spiny flower mantids, they arrived healthy and perfectly. They both moulted right after i put them in a bigger enclosure! Fast shipping and amazingly packaged. Definitely recommend!
I bought some things from Yen this week, mostly some extra males for breeding projects because of cannibalism (some of it was for my roommate), and Yen sent some very healthy mantises
the package was delayed but other than the mantises being a tiny bit dehydrated, they were super healthy and happy!!
Yen is fantastic! A super nice person with gorgeous mantids. My first order was perfect and I recently placed a second! Definitely recommend them!!
Yen Saw is amazing. 100% will order again soon. Everything I ordered is alive and looking wonderful. He even included an extra adult female Galinthias amoena and a wired mantis in my order! Never hesitate to order from him. Communication was great, and I can’t say thanks enough.
I traded mantids with Yen Saw, and received some good looking ooths in a timely manner.

-Jesse Hoteling
I purchased a male ghost mantis from Yen Saw and he sent me a bonus Spiny Flower nymph and a wire figurine of a mantis! He is very prompt and generous! Thank you Yen Saw!!!
I ordered from Yen again, and everything arrived in perfect condition. He sent me two extra adult male spiny flower mantises (unfortunately only one of the extras made it alive), and included an extra sub-adult Creobroter gemmatus pair for free! The weather here wasn’t the best, so he couldn’t guarantee live arrival, but 7/8 arrived in perfect health.100% ordering again. (Male and female Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii pictured below)
Messages through the forum is how I have ordered, however, he is currently out of the country, but should be back and selling next year.
Ordered two Ghosts and a Giant Devil Flower from Yen. I’ve purchased from a few different sellers before, but now I’ve found my go-to breeder. Yen’s selection & prices are the truly best I’ve seen in the hobby. He answered every question I had within half a day of me sending it. Honored selection preferences. Upgraded my shipping to One Day Air due to a delay with the Express option. Secure, well-done packaging. Mantises are beautiful, healthy, tame. Highly recommend! The day he puts up a business website/store will be a very sad day for the mainstream sellers Lol. Thank you Yen!
Please can I have some information on Yen Saw, how would I order? I live in the UK : England. I know nothing about this person/ company therefore would really appreciate the information. Thank you in advance!
Opening packages from Yen is like opening gifts on Christmas. I got so many extra mantises from Yen this time around. He is one of my all time favorite sellers, and I look forward to ordering many more times in the near future!!!

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