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Yen Saw sent me a BEAUTIFUL Spiny Flower nymph. Absolutely stunning! Packaging was wonderful and came very secure. Was a wonderful communicator! Ill definitely be back.

Another great transaction with Yen Saw. I got seven giant asians and nine creos, pretty equal male/female ratios. One creo was cannibalized on the way, but the other nine are fine.

- MantisGirl13 

Just bought a adult female giant Asian mantis from Yen. I gotta say, this is the smoothest transaction I have, especially since he sent a freebie!! Thank you Yen!

Purchased some R. valida from Yen.  Packed well and arrived quickly.  All arrived alive including the extras he threw in.  Quality from a quality seller.  Will buy from again.

Thanks again

Bought 10 p. Wahlbergii. Quick communications, fast shipping, great prices and even sent me a couple extras! Highly recommend!

Sharing our experience with a box of new mantids that arrived today.... Won't be any big surprise, think everyone that has received mantids, have probably received a box from Yen Saw. But, still want to share just in case any one else newer to having mantids shipped to them! I ran into Yen on the mantid forum, he was very friendly and helpful, and had awesome pricing on mantids too! IlVery happy with our mantids from Yen, had tracking info and knew where the box was and soon as it arrived. Everyone was in good shape. I would highly recommend anyone thinking of adding some new mantids to their home to reach out to him, was very happy with prices too. He has idolomantis diabolica too, we did not order any this time but they are on the radar and I will definitely reach out to Yen again! Very highly recommend, definitely trustworthy and quality mantids!

He is the most perfect seller in the world.

I bought many species from him,

And they always arrived best condition.

He is an indispensable best seller for me

A joy to do business with as always. A shipment from him was stuck in the USPS system for a whole week and not a single nymph perished due to his excellent packing. Yen Saw is one of the OGs in the mantis hobby and I would definitely recommend buying from him. 

Got a Brunneria Borealis and Thesprotia Graminis ooth in the mail. Both were very well insulated and in perfect condition. His service and advice are always appreciated!

Update: Thesprotia Graminis ooth hatched successfully!

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What can I say, once again a flawless transaction with @yen_saw. Healthy specimens (and beautiful) with extras thrown in. Ordered on a Sunday, received them on Tuesday. Always a pleasure.


I will reiterate everything that has been said about the great Yen Saw. He is generous not only with his prices, but his time and knowledge as well. As a rookie in the mantis world, Mr Saw has provided a great deal of mentorship and teaching. As far as the actual shipment, all mantids were impeccably packaged and he included a wonderful toy for our kids as well. Cannot recommend enough! 

I just received my first box from Yen today and I have to say - the things I've heard about him are true! Everything was packed very securely and, on top of the unbeatable prices, multiple extras were provided along with a neat little gift. 😄 Highly recommend!!

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I just recieved a dozen Spiny Flowers from Yen today.  Packing was amazing and the mantids look great!  Plus he threw in a free boxer nymph and a wire mantis.  Im super stoked!  Will definitely buy from him again!

With 34 pages of positive feedback mine is barely needed, but I did just complete a great transaction with Yen. Even with a post office delay (not his fault!) the two adult cat-eyes made it fine, and he even included a Boxer nymph and wire mantis sculpture as extras. I definitely recommend!

ordered Brunneria ooths and Omomantis nymphs from Yen
he sent them express but because the USPS delayed the shipping by almost a week but everything arrived safe and sound, with an extra ooth and nymph!

highly recommend!

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I ordered some mantises from Yen Saw a few weeks ago. They all came healthy. They were sent by Priority mail, instead of Express mail, by mistake. Yen Saw apologized several times, and refunded the money paid for Express shipping. And he said he would send another package of mantises by Express shipping if it was a total loss. A pleasure to do business with! I highly recommend Yen Saw if you are looking to buy mantises. His prices are lower than other mantis breeders. He even added two extra Texas unicorn mantises for free!

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