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Wow! @yen_saw is THE BEST! I ordered 4 Spiny Flower L2 and a G. Amoena ooth. What did I get? 5 spiny flower nymphs, and 2 G. Amoena Ooths. Wow, very generous! The package did arrive at my neighbors house, but that was USPS's fault, not yen's. Would have to say this is one of the best, if not THE BEST transaction I have made regarding mantids. Thanks!

Sold a few of my nymphs, so I decided to get a few more nymphs of some species I have. As luck would have it, a few hours after I started looking, Yen made a post offering the two species I was looking for: ghost and spiny flowers. Of course, with a reputation like Yen’s, it was impossible to pass up the opportunity. So I ordered a couple of those two, and some Texas unicorn nymphs. He responded to my message really quick, and we worked out a deal immediately. He was as polite as ever, and even shipped on the day I requested. Fast forward to when I got them, they were packed perfectly, with a heat pack and multiple extras. He even threw in a little mantis statue! Perfect for sitting on my desk 😊

No need to drag on, but I recommend Yen to anyone without hesitation

Just received some Texas Unicorns and he even threw in a little extra one. They came healthy and are thriving.

Thanks Yen! Great healthy mantids, plus an extra! Extra attention to communication and packing. Accommodated special shipping timing.

Always reliable!


Thanks again!

Kermit 🐸🤘

Thank you, Yen! I got six Texas Unicorn mantids and three G. amoena ooths. I paid for six unicorn mantids and one ooth. He agreed to hold them for an extra week for me because I was going away for the weekend. Even though shipping was delayed a day, all the mantids arrived healthy and beautiful! The packaging was superb, and he included an adorable little wire mantis for free! Great job, thanks so much, Yen Saw!!

- MantisGirl13

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Thanks Yen! I just got 3 D. desiccata nymphs for an amazing price, and they came fast, packed perfectly, and there was a flower mantis included for free. Yen was very cooperative with working around my preferred shipping dates for weather, and was pleasant from start to finish. Highly recommended.

Yen is the best at this hobby, shipped me some nymphs and one of the sub pseudo molted during its transit. Perfect wings and even a little color variation in the nymphs selected couldnt be happier.

       I just received two adult female a nd one adult male spint flower mantids from Yen Saw. His communication was great and the mantids arrived in time.

       When I unpacked them the box was  very cold and the mantids were nearly dead from the lack of warmth but I warmed them up and gave them some honey and they are fine! 

       One of the females was injured, and it was packed so well that I knew it wasn't injured in shipping, but I told Yen about it and he offered a replacement for the price of shipping. I declined because she wasn't too badly hurt.

Yen Saw is a great breeder who cares well for his mantids, as well as a great person to do business with who cares about his customers. I would not hesitate to buy from him at any time!

- MantisGirl13

Super nice.  Great prices.  Healthy mantids.  Possible extra "stowaways".  I highly recommend Yen to anyone interested in getting mantids.

I got a variety of nymphs from Yen Saw, and he sent multiple extras of everything.  He is very careful packaging them to ship.  A very easy transaction! 

It was an honour to transact with this legend.

Asked for six each of Blepharopsis mendica and Rhombodera stalli. Received seven of each. So far, 100% survived and thriving! 

@yen_saw is an excellent communicator, and a very interesting dude. He's highly ethical, and clearly does this for love of mantids.

His response times are excellent, and supports after the sale. In fact, he's gone above and beyond expectations. 😉

Five stars out of five! 


I received ten cat eye mantids today from Yen. I had bought eight, but he sent two extra L1s so I could see the difference between the L1, L2, and L3 instars. One of the L2s died shortly after arriving because it had been caught by a sibling and chomped a few times. Yen also sent a female G. amoena nymph as a freebie. I also received a cute green wire mantis which is up on my shelf next to the orange wire mantis I received before. Nothing but good things to say, as always, and I never hesitate to purchase from him. 

- MantisGirl13

Received healthy specimens, plus some extras! By coincidence, one of the extras was a species on my wish list. 😊 Shipped on Tuesday, received on Thursday. It doesn't get much better than this. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Nymphs arrived happy and healthy, even the handful that molted in transit. I ordered 11 and with the bonuses ended up with 15, plus a neat wire creation! 

Recently acquired six healthy Phyllovates chlorophaea from Yen.

In spite of very hot weather in the south, all these unis arrived in perfect shape. 

Looking forward to watching these babies grow! 

Thanks Yen! 

I'm pretty sure Yen is hands-down the most reviewed guy here, so I'm not sure how much weight this review is really going to have, but it was a great transaction. Mantises shipped last Wednesday, arrived on Saturday and they were all happy and healthy. Super fair prices.

Yen is the best. He communicates well, ships fast, has excellent prices and even gave me a couple extra nymphs. Thanks again!