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The absolute best in the business. I never hesitate purchasing from Yen. The guy got my order out, responded incredibly quickly and even provided extra mantids all while he was dealing with the nightmare of Hurricane Harvey!! Yen is in a class of his own in the mantis hobby!

Thanks again Yen!

Awesome transaction with Yen from beginning to end.  Just returned to hobby after 10 years because my son showed an interest.  Was great to see a familiar name on this site after all that time.  Will definitely be a repeat customer even if my son loses interest.  I forgot how cool these were.

Great seller! Answered all my questions, great packaging, fast shipping and even threw in an extra!!

Amazing seller! Crazy fast communication, answers to any questions anyone could ever have, packaging like a boss, and marvelous price for marvelous mantis! I WILL be back for more. Even threw in some extras for me. I would recommend this seller to anyone!

By far one of the best and my most favorite breeders. Another wonderful transaction & I couldn’t be happier! Even included a very cool, very amazing surprise ? Thank you so so much! ?

Ordered one wahlbergii and one idolomantis from Yen, both arrived in great condition. He also sent a free mantis, who also came in great health :) Wonderful seller, I hope to do business with him again in the future!

I ordered 3 L2 Creobroter pictipennis - he posted them for sale and I got there too late but he had more that would be ready in a week or so and he messaged me to let me know when they were ready. He promptly shipped them the following day and they arrived in great condition, including an extra!

This was my first transaction with him and he was great - quick to reply and answer questions, packaged the mantids very well, and shipped them promptly.

Ordered 5 Creobroter pictipennis, but received 6... always appreciate the extras!  :D  Beautiful specimens, fast shipping, excellent communication with seller. A+++

Another positive to add to the long list: an order of 4 P. paradoxa, 4 T. pantherina, and a Parasphendale agrionina ooth arrived well-packaged and all in good condition, with an extra nymphs of each of the mantis species ordered. All still doing very well, molting happily, a week later.

Thank you, Yen Saw! I ordered 4 popa spurca nymphs, and 4 spiny flower nymphs, and asked for Priority mail shipping. The package was delayed 4 days, so I was not expecting anything good, because the nymphs were so young. When I opened up the box a few minutes ago, I discovered 5 popa spurca nymphs, and 5 spiny flower nymphs, all alive, active, ravenous, and parched! As I write this, they are shoveling down fruit flies like no tomorrow! They are adorable, and I could not be happier. THANK YOU, YEN SAW!!!!!!!!!! I got a great deal, he was quick to respond to my pms, and has great mantids. He is highly recommended!

- MantisGirl13

Ordered 3 P wahlbergii from Yen, and he sent 5 healthy, beautiful ones. He sent exactly what I asked for, plus more. There was an issue with shipping, that Yen had nothing to do with (USPS’s fault), but they made it just fine. They are the food I gave them as soon as I put it down in their cups. They are active, and just really amazing. I give Yen a 11/10, and I would recommend buying from him to anyone. I will definitely be back for more!

Ordered some ghost nymphs and they arrived beautifully packaged and very healthy. One even molted during shipment and they were so well packaged that he was just fine! He even included a freebie of a different species. Would definitely do business with him again! 

What more can possibly be said? Yen is perhaps one of the best mantis breeders in the hobby. His communication is excellent, and he never ignores anything you ask him. He is very generous with all his knowledge, and answers all questions straightforwardly and very detailed. 

Ao anyway, I ordered a couple ooths from Yen, as well as 2 Eremiaphila. He not only sent the ooths I ordered and the two desert mantids, but also an extra Eremiaphila and a free Galinthias amoena!

Yen really goes above and beyond when it comes to a relationship with the customer. He does what it takes to make the customer happy, and then some. I would recommend Yen to anyone. 

Another great experience with Yen! I ordered four eremiaphila nymphs fro him and they arrived today. I got four healthy eremiaphila and one happy wahlbergii as an extra. I have done business with Yen twice so far, and I would not hesitate to buy from him again. Five stars!!!!!!!!

- MantisGirl13

I did another transaction with Yen recently. I ordered four more eremiaphila and two more wahlbergii and received three healthy eremiaphila (one mismolted during shipment and didn't make it) and four happy beautiful wahlbergii nymphs!

- MantisGirl13