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    UPDATE: Mysterious Mantis Poisoning?

    Why do you think its the honey that saved the mantis? 
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    Weird Mantis

    Segments are a pretty inconsistent way of sexing mantises as it varies species to species. Looking at the genitalia are they way to go
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    The Brunners Stick Mantis is the Hardest Mantis to Raise Prove me Wrong Lol

    The only way i have been successful with these is by using net cubes with real grass inside. In the wild they sit on grass and never are really hanging completely upside-down so they have a lot of trouble molting off mesh. The best thing to feed them are moths and butterflies.
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    UPDATE: Mysterious Mantis Poisoning?

    Bad Blue bottle flies commonly cause deaths in mantises. I would recommend changing what you are feeding them for a while. also PLEASE people please stop feeding ur mantises honey. It may look like they are enjoying it, but it does absolutely nothing for them, and more harm for the digestive...
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    Hard to acquire species.

    Check my instagram @brians_mantodea
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    Hard to acquire species.

    Old thread, but i've spent quite a bit more than $100 per nymph in order to get some of the rarer stuff I've kept. :sweatdrop:
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    Choeradodis care?

    They are pretty difficult if not kept right. mantisfan101 pretty much covered basic needs. I wouldn't say there's known specific care needs i can give as no-one has been able to successfully breed multiple generations of the current species in culture. I would recommend experience in breeding a...
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    Should I mate my Idolomantis?

    The molting part itself isn't the problem, its the flip. They are so heavy hanging from the tip of their abdomen that they just slip out and fall. One thing i do to combat that is have them molt in a really narrow enclosure so as soon as they r out they have something(the wall) right in front of...
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    Scientific name of 'giant asian golden mantis'

    The original Hierodula sp. (golden) in the hobby was H venosa but since, several other (yellow) Hierodula sp have been introduced to the hobby under the same common name.
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    Comment by 'mantiseater' in media 'Mating Pair Majangella moultoni'

    They were from a breeder who collected the species several years ago.
  11. Majangella moultoni

    Majangella moultoni

  12. Mating Pair Majangella moultoni

    Mating Pair Majangella moultoni

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    There are about 20 species.