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Nov 1, 2015
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Albany,New York USA
I ordered some nymphs from him and he had great prices,shipped promptly, and sent free bbf pupae along with extras!
He went above and beyond with 100% communication and quick response times. I highly recommend him to all keepers 100% without a doubt!
Thank you so much For A++++++++++++ Service! I hope to do business with you again

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Deshawn offered me a couple adult wahlbergii males at a fantastic price. USPS dropped the ball on their Express shipping but both mantids arrived looking active and happy!

Thanks very much, an honor!! :bow:


Ordered 3 wahlbergi nymphs from deshawn@mantiskingdom. Instead, four nymphs arrived happy and healthy at my local post office, couldn't be happier.

Thank you deshawn

DeShawn sent me an adult male Idolomantis diabolica, to mate with my girls! I'm very pleased! He came packed with 2 heat packs, and secure in a box (which was in another box). He arrived alive in well, even in Winter, shipped over night. Thanks man! You will be repayed!

DeShawn helped me out with some male ghost mantids.since my male couldn't breed he sent me a few of his. They arrived in great condition. Packaged great heat pack still warm. great transaction.

When I releized my male wasn't going to be able to breed I got really discouraged. DeShawn offered me a few males to help me out. Now I have renewed hope of getting a few ooths before my female expires. Thank you  

Like Tonypace2009, DeShawn also helped me out with some adult ghost mantises. I only had two females and one male, and originally just requested a few extra males. However, when one of my females passed away unexpectedly last Friday, DeShawn was generous enough to give me a female along with the males i originally requested, and he didn't even increase the price! And speaking of prices, DeShawn has  awesome prices! All my mantises arrived today in great condition. Packaged with a heat pack that was still warm. DeShawn has also been very communicative throughout my whole transaction with him, with fast response and fast shipping!

I have since checked out his website and everything he sells has great prices! I will definitely be doing business with him again. Thank you so much DeShawn!

Got a great package from DeShawn.. Excellent transaction from beginning to end.. also ended up with some freebees ... A+++ and look forward to future business..

Thanks for the great service

Received an order from DeShawn exceedingly quickly with extra goodies thrown in. Very happy with everything and would definitely purchase from again. 10/10

Thank you! 

Bought 10 Pseudocreo nymphs from Deshawn. Despite a delay in shipping due to the USPS's fault all the nymphs made it alive and well. Also, he added a free nymph! I'll definitely buy from him again :)

Got another great package from DeShawn..  Excellent transaction from beginning to end..  ... A+++ service and look forward to future business..

Thanks for the great service & communication

Recently ordered a couple budwing nymphs and some supplies from Deshawn. Everything came in mint condition, and not only did the mantids arrive alive but he also threw in a 3rd one for free! Would definitely repeat!

Just received my nymphs today, 2 ghost and 2 Indian flower. I'm new to exotics but was comfortable with purchasing based on forum feedback. Reasonable prices, good packaging, and fast shipping. Would absolutely purchase from DeShawn again. Thank you!

I received my order from MantisKindom for 6 Creobroter and some BB Fly pupae.  All were nicely packed and arrived healthy (even the one that molted in transit).  As soon as i transferred them to their larger home and misted them, they all gobbled up fruit flies without any hesitation.  I would and did (Ghost mantids this time) order from DeShawn again.

Ordered five ghosts and two Creo and some fly pupae From the lovely looking website on Sunday. Today all arrived well packaged, healthy and happy. Excellent prices too! Iguesss my only complaint is that some of the flies had hatched. They were sealed well though so none escaped. Food right away for all the new hungry mouths i guess. wouldn't put that as a negative. i'm glad I tried him out. Would definitely recommend, and will be buying from him in the future! 

Ordered 5 ghosts, 2 mesh cages and a set of housefly pupae from DeShawn. Nothing short of stellar! Even though the package was delayed due to an address mishap, I was able to pick it up at the USPS a day later and all of the animals were alive and well!

Paid a great price for an Indian Flower Mantis, and he sent me another one for free of the opposite sex! Great, quick communication, and mantids came healthy and alive. Great guy, great service! I would (and just did earlier today) order from him again! 

I've ordered mantids from Deshawn on two separate occasions now, and each time I've been very pleased with the quick shipments and condition the mantids arrive in! He's been very accommodating as well, and replies quickly to questions. 

I've been doing business with Deshawn for about a year now... Super nice guy and very helpful... 

His feeders are the bomb?

Kermit ?