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Ordered an orchid male, and two D truncata nymphs, all arrived safely and well packed, including the extra dead leaf. Definitely would recommend to anyone looking for high quality mantids at a good price. 

Ordered a D. truncata and 100 BSFL’s from DeShawn. When he got my order, he actually took the time to email me and warn me that the truncata would be too small for the BSF’s at their current age, and offered to replace them with a smaller, more appropriately sized food source. It’s nice to know he genuinely cares about his mantids and customers.

He shipped out the package the next day, and it arrived only a few days later. He went ahead and packed an extra mantis! So these two little buddies both arrived alive, active, and healthy, despite the recent rise in temps here again. Packaging was perfect, communication was fantastic, and this was overall a great experience! Would definitely order from him again, and I highly recommend him for your next mantis-related purchase!

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5-stars for Deshawn!

Great place to order from. I ordered 1 G. Asian and 1 Budwing mantis from him. I also asked him to hold the order from Wednesday ship day to the Monday ship day as I would be out of town that weekend. He was glad to hold it and when they arrived they were healthy and happy along with 1 extra of each species although the budwing did eat his friend in transport. So all and all I have 3 healthy nymphs (2 molted to L3 and other is still L2) and I am VERY pleased. Thank you!

Once again, I am very pleased with my interaction with DeShawn. He is excellent with communication, and is overall very helpful. 

I ordered 2 subadult ghosts (which I needed desperately) and 3 Ceratomantis saussurii, which I’ve always thought were really cool. Shipping was very quick, and everything came alive and healthy!

Deshawn is great. He always responds to my emails and tries to help. I have ordered many mantis babies from him and they were all great. He sometimes throws in some extras as well. Which is a super sweet thing to do.

Once again, DeShawn did fantastic with packaging. The orchid mantis arrived alive and well, along with the BSFL’s and housefly pupae. The houseflies’ hatch rate was an average of 1 out of 4 after three days. The phoenix worms, as last time, are large, squirmy, and overall healthy looking. The orchid mantis was alert and still quite plump even after 3 days in transit (priority).

I highly recommend MantidKingdom, and I can’t wait for my next purchase there!

DeShawn has been amazing! Really helped me out with a couple orchid males for my females and even included a free extra orchid nymph on my last order. Great communication, secure packaging and very accommodating- I can't wait to order again! Here is a shot of a p. wahlbergii just after molting that came from Mantid Kingdom :)  


I purchased 8 Orchid nymphs from DeShawn and am pleased with my mantis purchase. He shipped quickly and included 3 bonus nymphs. All arrived alive, but 2 nymphs expired overnight on the 1st night. Packing was good, nymphs arrived in an insulated box with heat pack. Overall, would recommend and would purchase mantises from DeShawn again. 

I've bought from Shawn several times already and received excellent mantises each and every time. He is my go-to seller for mantises these days. Great variety of species, superb packing, and fast shipping. You can't go wrong with buying from him! 👍

Just bought a bunch more stuff from Deshawn, and once again, I am very pleased with the speed of the transaction, the packing, and the communication. 


Just received my Thistle, Panther, and Orchid mantids. All alive and well despite the freezing temperatures and heaps of snow here. Came very well packed and included a couple heat packs that were still warm. Ordered on Monday, got shipped on Wedsday, received on Friday. Couldn't be happier. Oh yeah, also ordered 3 deli cups. Great prices. Great products. Great selection. Great guy. Those last four sentences are all you need to know. :)  My new go to seller! -Cole

Another great purchase from DeShawn! I received a beautiful pre-sub pair of thistles, one green one tan. As usual, communication was great, and he did not ship until after the holidays like I requested. He included a heat pack that was still warm when I got it! Packaging was superb and very insulated. Thank you, DeShawn!!!!

- MantisGirl13

Did a trade with DeShawn and it worked out great! He sent me a healthy S. lobivertex nymph and some red runners in a quickly shipped, carefully prepared package, and communicated regularly throughout the entire process. I am in the process of housing my new specimens as we speak and couldn't be more pleased. I would definitely do business with DeShawn again. Thanks!

Did a trade with DeShawn for an uncommon species, he did me a solid and sent some backup males. Great packing, fair trade/prices. Highly recommended 

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Great purchase! 

(He sent extra nymphs on both purchases :D)

edit: Got 5 new spiny flowers. PERFECT HEALTH. VERY energetic.

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I ordered two P. wahlbergii babies from DeShawn; they showed up happy, healthy and ready to demolish some fruit flies! I'd definitely purchase from him again in the future.

 I ordered multiple times orchid mantis' one time I got one dead out of my three so I ordered again another two again I got another dead and now two months later he has yet to reply or make right this problem he's ignored multiple attempts to talk to him. I will never spend a dime with this person again.

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I ordered Orchid mantis nymphs from MantidKingdom and just received them today. They were all alive and well on arrival! Thank you very much Deshawn!