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Just received some greatly priced net cages and healthy house fly pupate.

Thank you!

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Wonderful seller! Very fair prices, along with quick and safe shipping. I ordered two nymphs and got a 3rd one as a freebie which was such a nice surprise to wake up to. Two of the l2 flower mantises had a molted skin in their containers; not sure if they molted in transit or earlier, but either way they were in perfect health. The mantises arrived healthy and energetic and ready to eat, I will definitely be ordering again as soon as more nymphs are in stock. A+, 10/10, can't praise enough!

Ordered from DeShawn and could not have been happier. I ordered 5 creos, he gave me 6. Shipping was fantastic, quick, and some even molted in the shipping enclosures! Awesome guy to deal with, I will make sure to order from him again!!!

Got a spiny flower and African nymph a couple weeks back. Packaging was super and he added some freebies. I just ordered some bluebottles and a thistle and am super excited to recieve them, I would definitely recommend!

Got my first order from deShawn/MantidKingdom yesterday. I ordered one double-shield mantis, but he included an extra one! Both arrived healthy and active. I had several questions for DeShawn that I sent via PM and he answered them all. Items came with a heat pack, too.

10/10 experience - would definitely recommend.


What more is there to be said... DeShawn is the boss. Doesn’t get much better than him. He’s a professional at what he does and still has some of the lowest prices around. 10/10 on every level. My shipment arrived in perfect condition. I would recommend him to anyone.

Received my orders yesterday from mantiskindom rhobadero basilis and violin mantid bundle very happy with transaction  everything arived healthy with extras thanks for another great trans action.

ordered some nymphs and food for them

he included an extra baby and they arrived living (albeit cold-shocked due to snow, but they quickly revived)

things were packed quite well-in fact i feel bad he used such a giant box when a little cube box and portion cups would have sufficed-i guess he's thorough :D

Did a deal with him and he did great sending them in this awful ( I love snow, blizzards, winds, storms...) they

were warm and all ok , even after a couple days, can't beat that. He did not send any freebies in case of deaths, 

and I was happy with that, I mean sometimes people send you things you did not ask for and then expect you

to be happy with it if something dies! Very happy with my purchase.

Just got my box of little tiny Ghosts today! I could not be more pleased. We're having some swell ~10 degree weather here in Buffalo and the little guys would never know, they were extremely well insulated with thick Styrofoam and a heat pack. Everyone arrived safe, well fed looking and active. Even got a bonus freebie! Can't give enough love to DeShawn for the care, quick shipping and great prices. Will definitely be back :)  

I ordered two Rhombodera basalis nymphs last week and shortly after emailed him because I was concerned about the cold weather we were having here for the whole week.  He agreed that it would be best to wait a week to ship, and he waited for the warmest day the following week, and also included a heat pack.  They arrived with one extra, which most likely will address my hope for a sexed pair, and they were very well packaged.  One even molted in transit and appears to be just fine.

Great experience.

I ordered two unsexed L2 ghosts from Deshawn on Jan 7 with the instructions that I would not be home on the 10th so the order needed to wait to ship so as not to arrive on that day. He did as asked and held the order two days, shipping them by 2-day Priority Mail on Jan 9. I received three (he sent an extra) very healthy and alert ghosts on Jan 11. They were well packaged and the heat pack was still very warm. I got them to drink a little water and eat a couple fruit flies each but after that they didn't accept any more....turns out they were about to molt. Two molted the next day on Jan 12, and the third followed a couple days later on the 14th. After sucessfully molting all three were ravenously hungry, polishing off a large number of melanogaster fruit flies. I would definately buy from Deshawn again, he has excellent stock.


Ordered 5 Creos from DeShawn on Feb 14. Due to the holiday, DeShawn sent out a notification on Feb 18 letting buyers know that shipping would be delayed. He then promptly shipped out my mantids on Feb 21, with the delivery on Feb 23.  The box arrived well packed (even though the postal worker had delivered it upside down.)  Inside the mantids were healthy and active, DeShawn kindly sent me an extra to make for 6 in total.  All ate fruit flies upon unboxing and seem to be doing well.  I was especially impressed to find the heat pack still warm: we’ve had some cold weather recently so having the mantids well insulated was a lifesaver.  Great seller: would highly recommend.

This was my first order from Mantid Kingdom and I am very pleased. All 3 specimens are beautiful, active, and healthy. Due to technical issues with my email, I probably came across as a difficult customer, but DeShawn was extremely patient with me and even gave me an extra. Hope he lets me buy from him again!  :D


I ordered 2 boxer mantis nymphs, some house fly pupae, and 3 poly fabric lid 32 oz deli cups. I chose priority shipping. The shipping went smoothly and the mantises all came healthy, he even included a third one as a freebie. The deli cups were just what I expected, good quality. The housefly pupae hatched during shipping, but I expected it with 2 day shipping in this summer heat. It's okay, they aren't hard to keep alive. I would definitely buy from him again.

I ordered 5 P. Ocellata and some fly pupae from DeShawn and I am very happy with my purchase. There were some problems with USPS during shipping which held up the package an extra day, but the mantids were packed very well and he kindly included an extra mantis. All 6 arrived healthy and energetic, and they seem to be great specimens all around. Seller was good with communication. I will definitely be ordering from him again.