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Apr 15, 2009
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Covina, Ca
Fast arrival and good shipping, Sent me a free ooth and plan on enjoying it in the future.(yes its fertile)

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He sent an ooth as trade and arrived late but I'm glad that it didn't get lost during delivery. He's a great guy and also perfect communicating! I can't wait till this ooth hatches!


Receive another ooth off of Alex, can't say thanks enough!

Update: the oxy ooth from Agent A has hatched, lots of cute babies running around!

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Update: It hatched today! A batch of cute nymphs running around!

Thanks Alex!

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Did a trade , everything arrived very well packed , I was very happy and he included a free mio nymph :) I recommend anyone to use him!

I got 3 different pairs of nymphs and only had one mishap and was the male limbata had mismolted and was dead when I got him out of the box but the others are alive and well and was packaged good and all!

Did a trade with him. Outcome was better than i expected. Very nice trade. Thanks, Alex.

Alex sent me male Wahlbergii a couple days ago and it arrived today, perfectly healthy and ate immediately. The packaging was also great and very secure. Thanks again!!!

A while back Alex and I traded some Mio nymphs for an oxy ooth. The little guys hatched today, around 25 of them, all perfect. Yay! Thanks so much I adore this species.

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Just got 2 lovely laddies as part of a trade! Great packing and fast service!

Just received 3 hierodula nymphs as part of a trade.

Great communication, beautiful nymphs, and great shipping technique.

Will do business again

Oh and i got three FREE dead leaf nymphs L1, cant believe how big they are for L1 :D

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Agent A and I are in the middle of a trade deal.

He sent the package right away and all arrived well and alive.

Always nice to speak with him and is a pleasure to deal with.

Will trade anytime with him.


As part of a time delayed trade, Alex sent to me a Creo apicalis ooth and an adult female Popa spurca. Both came in nice packaging and survived quite well. The Popa is eating now and liking her new digs. Thanks Alex for your diligence and honesty. Good luck!

Did a trade of some of his Limbata nymphs for a pair of popas & I believe we are both fully satisfied. Only one DOA, which was better than I expected considering the summer heat!