mantisloverguy6000 (agent A, US)


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I bought some terrarium plants from Alex for a good price and was very impressed. They threw in a few freebies plants, some isopods, mantises, clover seeds, and mycelium! My eyes about bugged out of my head. Everything arrived in good condition even though the package was delayed by a day. 10/10 would happily buy from them again.
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! 100% recommend. The seller has amazing prices and was super helpful and responded quickly. All of the mantids came in AMAZING health, they were so active. I want to place another order already 😂
I got some odonto ooths from Alex about a month ago and had a great hatching. Thanks Alex!
oH, and an Audax jumper male which was in with my Dollar store lady!
I have 4 P. audax females currently, 1 I mated with a male, 1 who had fertile eggs after capture, and 2 who I just caught but there have been males wandering my place recently so I suspect they've already mated
i traded a bunch of pallid roaches in exchange for some of his mantids and was not disappointed! they were packaged great and all arrived in great health, and he even sent an extra pair of budwings! this was the first time i had sent out insects aswell, and he was great about answering my many questions. i would definetly order from him again.
I’ve been friends with Alex for about a years and honest they have became my best friends in the whole insect community. We decided to do a joint collab for an upcoming reptile expo and they gave me hundreds of roaches and isopods. Luv ya Alex ❤️