mantisloverguy6000 (agent A, US)


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Received my end of the trade recently. Everything was well packaged and arrived safely.

Received a nicely packed male from Alex, as well as an abundant colony of roaches. The stupid roaches bored a hole through the mesh and my gf just happened to be next to me while I opened it. Scared the s#@$ out of us lol. Always great to deal with Alex regardless. :)

Agent A is the best, from the East to the West!!

I received all my eggs in a timely fashion and really well packaged!

He can pack a parcel with the best of them!

I received a luna moth specimen and a bag 'o' maggots from Alex. Everything was packed nicely and i'll be having some flies soon for my mantis friends. :cowboy:

I know that I'm not always on the forum, but I deal with Alex all the time.

Just got some more green bottles and once again got prompt delivery.

Alex is a great person to deal with.

I highly recommend that you give him a try, and know that you won't be disappointed.

Thank you once again Alex. My mantids and chameleons also thank you.


Received a mantis which was well packaged and arrived quickly. Other than being very thirsty she seems healthy.

I was in desperate need of Tenodera boys and Alex promised me two and they came healthy and packed well :) very polite and prompt communication. Thank you very much! I would definitely trade/buy again

I did a trade for some Budwing mantids and they came quickly, well packed (with insulation and heat pack), and he even included a few extra nymphs. Awesome trade, thanks Alex.

He sent me some hatched ooths. Items arrived quickly and well packaged. Great price too!

Late entry ;)

I received 6 nymphs from agent a. ( 3x griffins,3x double shields ) and was pleased with the transaction. All was packed,insulated,and heated perfectly. Though one double shield passed on transit, I wasn't to worried about a replacement. :)

Over all: Communication and shipping was great, id absolutely do more business with him in the future. :D