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I ordered several things recently. Flies, some enclosures for some spiders and fly food. All were packaged well (no escapees or cracks) and arrived in great condition. Timely shipping. I'll be back for more!
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Rebecca sent a package of Giant Asian mantises to me this week. They all arrived well, with a couple extra nymphs! It was a trade for my P. wahlbergii nymphs. I wasn't prepared with an insulated box to ship mantises in during this colder time of year, so she sent her package first for me to use her insulated box to send my mantises to her. It was nice of her to do that! Thank you Rebecca! I am preparing to send my package to you this Monday.
I did a trade with Rebecca (ok I owe her a few more nymphs but I'm waiting for them to molt first)
my end came in. The bottleflies were emerging already (gotta set those up!) which is great and she sent me some wonderfully healthy Hierodula nymphs, although they were a bit older than I expected, but it's all good!! :)
I ordered a fruit fly starter and a budwing nymph and was surprised by what I was sent! It would have been hard for Rebecca to sex a nymph at the current age (I wanted a female), so I just crossed my fingers with whichever nymph I was sent. She was kind enough to send a free adult female and a nymph! Along with the fruit fly culture and free bottleflies. As always Rebecca, it's a pleasure doing business with you, and you'll see me again haha.
Awesome Mantis dealer!

Recently receive some ooths.

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