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I've sold an ooth to Rebecca, it was a pleasure not a deal! A very honest and nice person, yuo won't regret making business with her!

I got some Mantis Religiosa's from Rebecca today!

It was a very smooth transaction and I got them the very next day!

(Very unlike my experience with another breeder here, that package took 4 days and I paid the same 20$ for shipping)

Even tossed in an extra Nymph in case one got eaten along the way apparently lol! Thanks again Rebecca!!

Sorry, I forgot to leave some feedback!

Sent Rebecca an ootheca, and as a gesture, she sent me a packet of Hibiscus seeds. All I can say is she is a wonderful person, probably one of the nicest I have dealt with online. Personal printed paper and everything ;)

It really was a pleasure doing business with you Rebecca!

AWESOME SERVICE.. Shipped fast, flawless, and packed well. Also seller was very willing to work with me on the shipping. Going to love the 5 orchids. Thanks again.

I just got two amazing orchid mantis from Rebecca! The orchids arrived first thing this morning, & they are both very healthy, active and have been doing great!

Rebecca, Is fast, Has a great personalty, I highly recommend hibiscusmile and give you a 4 GOLD STAR rating!!

I look forward to doing business with you again in the near future. I will buy from you again & again!

Thanks again.

Mikhail~ :)

Becky continues to serve her customers well! Now she is doing more breeding, we all can get some more beasts from her!


Nick Barta

Fantastic. Absolutely fantastic service. And the mantids are in perfect condition. I ordered two beautiful green L4 Giant Asians from Rebecca. Not only did they come perfectly, within two days, and well-fed, but she gave me a third o_O. Wow.

The transaction was smooth, and she's a professional and kind dealer. Highly recommend her for future purchases.

Becky saved my life when she sold me her Orchid nymphs! They came in perfect although one died while molting (poor Orchid!). Becky even included a few other free nymphs of different species!!! Thanks Becky!

Need to remate my shield mantis and Rebecca has extra male, and the trade went well, parcel and mantis arrived in great condition. Fantastic! thanks Rebecca!

i ordered some giant Asian mantids from her and they both ariived in exelent condition today and one is already eating plus she also included 2 miomantids because she is a great person i would recomend always buying from her :D


I purchased an adult female Chinese Mantis from Rebbeca, healthy, active and LARGE! Also purchased an adult male European Mantis also in excellent condition. Prompt email's, kind and considerate, she even worked with me on shipping, all in all an excellent transaction, looking forward to doing more business with Rebbeca!!!

THANK YOU hibiscusmile!!!

I just bought a pair of Giant Asians from Rebecca, and she was a pleasure to work with! She responds very, very quickly to all messages and is super nice. =) I definitely recommend buying from her!

I ordered some ghost mantis from Rebecca and they arrived in perfect condition. She also threw in a asian mantis for free. I will order again.


Ordered some P. Paradoxa from Rebecca. There was a slight delay in shipping and the package was recieved not overnight but two days after my order. It was no fault of Rebecca's but the postal offices since she and I paid for overnight. However even with the delay there were no DOA's and one even molted in the container. ;) She also threw in an extra Giant asian who seems to be getting ready to molt!

Definately recommend her!

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Bought some more ghost mantids from Rebecca and again they arrived in perfect condition. She also threw in a a free asian. I will buy again!!!!!



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