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Wow, what can I say, Rebecca, is really great. I traded some ooths for some of her babies, and they came perfectly healthy, happy, and active. Also, like always, no nymphs died during transit, and thanks for the extra nymph and excelsior!!! Will do bussiness again!

:lol: I have recieved three orders from include ooths,mantids,and supplies.Everything was packaged very well and everything arrived in premo condition.

She has been really friendly towards me and my girl answering our questions and takeing interest in my child ,my girl has to go to her web site and has me check for emails from her everday.

we think of her as more than just a good person to do business but as a friend.

Thanx Rebecca

jim o./angela o.

I emailed Rebecca about her O. planiceps females, asking if they had been mated. She said yes, and I ordered two. Later, she emailed me again and said that she didn't know that one of the females died and asked if it was okay to replace her with nymphs! ;) Rebecca, always looking out to satisfy the customer when she could have just said 'Sorry, I'm only sending one ant mantis female because the other died.'

Along with the order, I purchased some of Yen's blend. Later that evening, I realized I needed house flies and ordered them too, but with separate shipping. I then realized that I could have combined everything together and saved myself $10. I emailed Rebecca and asked if it was okay for her to do this and to refund that $10 back to me. She did so quickly.

She shipped the package Monday and I recieved it just a few minutes ago. The heatpack was placed excellently and the entire inside of the box was nice and warm for the mantids. All four O. planiceps had arrived safely and were active and healthy.

Thanks Rebecca!! :) :lol:

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3 days ago I ordered some d. melanogaster for the oxypilus and the ant nymphs. I only ordered one culture.

Today I got the package, even though it was cold outside the culture was fine. However, instead of sending me just the one culture I ordered, Rebecca included another bottle with medium and d. melanogaster flies, a smaller container with just d. melanogaster flies, PLUS a container with just d. hydei flies!

Thank you Rebecca! My nymphs are going to be enjoying a late Thanksgiving feast. ;)

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Yes Rebecca is a top notch breeder. She always comes through, and almost always delivers more than expected.

I highly reccomend her and her new website.

:rolleyes: I received my second shipment from Rebecca last week. Once again, everything was packaged very well and arrived in great condition.

The ant mantids I bought from her about a month ago have already laid 8 ooths (this from just 2 pairs!) and the first ooth hatched yesterday. --13 babies all doing great.

The pair of giant asians I purchased from her have mated and produced a huge ooth as well.

She has answered all my questions quickly, which is a big help since I am new to mantids.

I will buy from her again------The only thing I could complain about is that she is out of stock of the other things I want!! ;) --I can see why she is frequently out of stock. It's hard to keep things in stock when you have so many happy return customers. Great person to do business with.


i order a orchid mantid from Rebecca. came in pretty good shape except for a broken leg. but it was not her fault. must have happen during transit. very good seller would order from her again. in fact i'll will soon.


I just received my second order from Rebecca. It was just feeder fruit & house flies but was amazingly packaged to get through the cold weather out here! The insulation and heat pack looked very professional.

I will definitly keep coming back. :rolleyes:

I got my supply order again, and I have to say, Rebecca is the best. :D (again and again) Nice shipping, nice packaging, nice everything. ;) Thanks for the extra flies!

This is my secong time ordering from Mantisplace and both transactions went smoothly. I will continue to order from her.

Ordered a bunch of supplies, Rebecca even threw in a few freebies.

Thanks Rebecca, as usual will return to you in the future. ;)

i ordered 2 cages from mantis place..she shipped them from usa - uk and i received it in under 1 week..i would definitely use her again.

A fantastic salesman (/woman) and always a pleasure. I have had several transactions with Rebecca and all of them have gone smoothly. This time I purchased a Hydei culture, bug nets, pollen+honey mix and sphagnum moss. Well, she sent me a free virescen (spelling?) also. But, i shoulda expected that form becca. Highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend her for anything: supplies, mantids, you name it. Now to wait for her ghost ooth to hatch.... ;)

Just received my first order of supplies from Rebecca. Everything was in perfect condition, and what fantastic packaging! She was great at helping with recommendations on the order and a total pleasure to deal with. Will definitely be a repeat customer.

And another successful transaction.

Of course, I'ma comin back to her. :D

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i bought some supplies..she throw in cup o fly for free..and shipped to the uk with in 1 week..also fast at replying to emails which imo is very important in this game,. will be buying from her again. :) 2 thumbs up :)


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Again, I have bought supplies from Rebecca. Nice shipping, packing, etc. Only problem was, her supplier of flies seemed to have given her a bad batch. Anyways, she cleared it up quickly and offered to send more. Thanks!!! :lol:


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