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i placed an order of many enclosures and a couple of fly pupae. everything was fine and im really happy it came soon :) the only problem for one of my items (quad  divided nymph container) was that i had trouble putting the lids on. i had to try each lid for every container until all the lids fit. unfortunately, one of them couldnt fit all 3 of the containers i ordered. i tried my hardest to fit it, but when i'd push, one side would pop up. it was super frustrating. i was kinda sad, but overall, smooth transaction :) my first mantis website order, definetly something to remember!

Sometimes the lip on the container makes it hard,  I can send another one if you want to try it. Was it the lid or the cup? pm me so we dont tie this post up.

It was a pleasure doing business with Rebecca, especially because I was new to the hobby.  One of the ooths I purchased from her in January hatched today.  I'm super excited.  The whole transaction was pleasant and she even went out of her way to help me through many of my questions and concerns. 

Update: My Hierodula Membranacea ooth just hatched a couple of days ago. Everything went well.  Thank you Rebecca.

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just did a trade with Rebecca. very pleased. even recieved a freebie. always nice to do business with her.

My first mantises just arrived.  On time, well packed with insulation and still warm heat pack after 3 days travel.

6 Ghosts and extras. Thanks so much. Will be back for more!

Ordered twice from Mantisplace now! Once earlier, in late Oct. and now once more in Nov.  Both times, I ordered over the weekend and they were always shipped first thing by Monday. I appreciate the quick service, thank you! 

Ordered cups, lids, flies, all were great. Unfortunately, in my last order, one (out of 10) of the mesh lids cracked as soon as I popped it onto a container. That was kind of a bummer. The rest are fine and are awaiting to become mantid homes. 

Cheers and thank you! Affordable products and quick shipping. A+

I paid $30 for a Brunneria borealis plus $35 shipping.  The mantis I received was at the bottom of the enclosure within 4 hours upon arrival.  This is not acceptable to me.  When I contacted Mantisplace, they told me I'd have to pay another $35 for a replacement.  What a business model that is!!  Send me your sick and dying stuff and it's my fault when they don't make it??  I always thought "You get what you pay for"  I paid for better than the nymph I received.

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Thank you so much for my ghost and bud wing, they came very well packaged and both very friendly. Mantis place is a wonderful place to buy from, thank you again for the great experience.

Perhaps this is a bit past due, but my girlfriend and I ordered a L2 thistle nymph in late February and also got an L2 ghost as a free promotional "mystery mantis."  The nymphs arrived well packaged and in great condition.  

That day, a freak handling accident resulted in the little ghost losing 2/3 of her right raptorial.  We (especially my girlfriend) were devastated. While we resolved to do the best we could for our little ghost (who we named "Bandit"), I also placed another order a few days later for another L2 ghost nymph (plus one bonus). These, too, arrived well packaged and in great condition.  

Over the past months, we've also come to depend on mantisplace for feeders, and we regularly order houseflies and blue bottles here. The quality of these has never disappointed - I've gotten plenty of duds from other online shops, but never from here.  Every experience with mantisplace thus far has been immaculate. 

Bandit, for what it's worth, molted to subadult last Friday.  Her arm has fully regrown (though about 20% smaller) and she turned green on her L5 molt.

I bought a bunch of enclosures and some materials for making some enclosures. Also bought some bb pupae. All of the enclosures look nice and nothing broken even though I bought used. The bb pupae have been hatching flawlessly! She responded quickly when I asked questions. Just a great experience all together. I will be back!

I unfortunately have not had a good experience ordering from Which is disheartening as I like their prices and and selection. I've ordered 3 different times and all times have been poorly handled. I always order the Friday or weekend before. I don't receive updates on when it ships. I've asked for updates and the second time I received wrong tracking information. I ordered on a Sunday and received on a Thursday or Friday if I recall correctly. I was in a really bad place because it took so long. I didn't receive a notification the 3rd time. So I asked them again for info and the response was simply "sure". The pupae are not packaged well. It's pretty much just in an envelope and a net pouch. The boxes always come smashed because there is almost zero padding. I've ordered from other vendors that pupae are shipped with insulation and a heating pad. Even though they have the best prices I can no longer recommend mantis place to my customers. 

Check with your post office, they are the ones who are smashing your boxes. Plenty of people buy the pupae and never have

a problem with it. The shipping place is suppossed to send tracking info, unless told I never know they dropped the ball. Pupae is

sent fresh, and even if u order on a sunday the box won't go out until pupae is ready, which most times is the same day.

I ordered feeders last fall with and had some great orders of blue bottle and house flies.  For some reason, I decided to shop around elsewhere this winter and had a rough stretch with few flies. So I went back to mantisplace a couple weeks ago and put in a small order of FF and some mixed BB/Stable fly pupae.  Order was in my mailbox 4 days after placing the order (ordered on the weekend) and I've got flies hatching like crazy.  Fast service and very reliable feeders. I'll definitely keep sending future orders her way.   

I've ordered from MantisPlace a few times with no problems but this last time was a little different. I ordered some bluebottle flies, mealworms, and fly food but they got lost in the mail and never arrived (USPS"s fault, the tracking info just abruptly stopped at "In Transit to Destination.") She responded to all my inquiries regarding the order in a timely manner, her communication is quite good. After my package had been in shipping limbo for a full week it was obvious that even if it still arrived (it didn't) the flies would have all hatched and probably be dead by then. She sent out a replacement order free of charge but asked that I pay $7.20 shipping again. It arrived without incident.

Ordered 8x Ghost mantids from Mantisplace, all arrived safely and healthy, including 2 bonus ones. A+ for communication, well packed box, and for good looking mantids

I purchased my two lineola males from her not too long ago. I had actually ordered a different species, but after weeks of waiting, I emailed her. Apparently, my order had been forgotten about or something :// However, my emails were responded to quickly and I received two surprise mantids instead of the one I initially ordered! I was a bit disappointed they arrived so close to adulthood, but they've been happy and healthy since I took them out of the box. I suppose I can't really complain.

I really like the enclosures sold, and while my particular order was a little bit botched, I'm not too broken up about it. I'll probably keep buying from mantisplace in the future.

has anyone else had similar experiences?

I sold her a couple of ooth. Now I sent her a two of older ones (3-4 weeks) so she can get the chance to get nymphs quicker. But she didn’t like it and I was supposed to send a fresh ooth so I let her return the ooth for a refund. Well today there was no ooths or the container in the box. None. 

Beware of this reverse scammer. The same happened to my friend a couple years back where she sent back nymphs dead in a hot dog container. Image is when I just opened the box.  

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