My mantids.


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Dec 26, 2020
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Sydney Australia
I thought that i could share all my mantids with u guys(coz iv got nothing else to do 😂)!
First up we have my othodera ministralis...
i have 3 females and 1 male (need more males!)

View attachment 13894male

View attachment 13895female

View attachment 13896female


unfortunately could not capture the beautiful blue spot in the femur of the raptorial front legs 😞 

But imo they r still georgeous!

Next up we have my Pseudomantis albofimbriata or the false garden mantis i have a trio of these beauties consisting of 2m 1f. These species are hoghly sexually cannibalistic and starving females have been known to release pheromones not to mate but to make a large meal out of a male!

male who injured his back left leg (if u look at his raptorial legs u can see the black mark in the femur)

other male. Smallest of the trio!

And last but not least


the beautiful female 😍

U can see the black spot very vibrantly! My female and injured male seem to be on their last instar (all my mantids are wild caught so idk. if anybody can help give a rough estimate that would be greatly appreciated! I am planning on breeding and selling some but unfortunately i live in Australia so i cannot ship to the us (where i am assuming most people are)

I soon may be getting a pair of Tenodera australasiae or purple winged mantis!

If anybody has any questions pls feel free to ask!


yumm flies r tasty! (Don’t ask me why I know /: ). Why is this so aesthetic??

on the top image u can see the distinctive blu marking. Ministrails is practically a replica of novaezealandiae.

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