My mantids.


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Finally got a photo of nuggets! She was moving all over the place and was such a pain XD

Here she is! ...



DUE TO THE 48 DiGREE CeLCIUS WEATHER IN SYDNEY, ALL MY JUMPING SPIDERS (5, 2 were even preggo 😭), sage and thyme( all my female green garden mantids) and chips all died! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭. There goes all my breeding plans 😢 

We went somewhere last night and came back today afternoon (local time) and my bloody fan decided to stop. I punched it soo hard it cracked no joke  XD

Another update...

This is one of my 5 archimantis sp (Likely latystila). They are all wild caught and are one of Australia’s largest (gals up to 11 cm) most common mantids. 1 of my favourite types too!! I also have 1 rare green form!

Apparently this species is very difficult to sex so fingers crossed 🤞 we get a pair!

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Despite the loss of chips and taco, I found 2 ADULT males and put 1 next to nuggets and before I could say breed it jumped on and started copulation in 8 seconds (I even counted XD)     Hopefully the I can get the other male to mate with her toooo!!!!        Also, how many times CAN I mate them to make sure I get a nice fertile Ootheca?


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