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False garden mantids look exactly likeĀ Miomantis caffra however one difference to tell the species is the size of the wings on the females. In miomantis, Females have wings that cover the whole abdomen but for pseudomantis, the wings on females only cover half the abdomen

After almost half a year, i have returned to this post XD

all my green garden and false garden mantises have passed away after a happy, healthy life but i still have 2 more species,

The stick mantis, archimantis spĀ and the snake mantis , kongobatha daidemeta (which this post is about).

what i first thought were both female snake mantises, turned out to be a 1m 1f pair! They are both the same size andĀ i think they are the same instar, around l4-l5(i know size is not an accurate way of telling tho). I have started feeding the female more often than the male so that she reaches maturity faster. I have absolutely no information on how to care for them as they are not a well knownĀ and studiedĀ species, so i am keeping them purely on my experiences with other mantises!

They do not have names, but i was thinking Felix for the male and Anna for the female but if you had any other suggestions i would love to hear them! Anyway, here they are:


Male. His red stripe across they eyes are much less visible(invisible in the camera) but you can see them very closely when you actually hold him!


Female. Here she on some Styrofoam packaging, Her eye stripes are much more visible!

Thanks for watching!Ā 


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