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Sep 4, 2016
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Maryland, USA
Here is a thread that will have pictures of my mantises. When I get the time to upload some! Thought it was a good time to make a thread where I can post pictures when I get good ones in one place. Enjoy!

First up is a picture of my adult female Grizzled mantis Arcterus. She kept looking up when I was taking pictures it was kinda funny.

Oh wow quality of my picture seems to have gone down lots when I turned it into a jpeg.

Grizzled mantis 10-20-19.jpg

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Here is my female Chinese mantis Shaia with my male Chinese mantis Arrow getting business done.

And below is female Chinese mantis Clovermist enjoying some honey treat. She literally grabbed the fork wanting to eat it! Guess the honey was that good.



This is Snowflower my male Grizzled mantis.

Next is Selina my female Carolina mantis.

Next there is Violet my male Carolina mantis. He was looking all around when I was trying to get a picture of him.




Do you plan on breeding the gonatista? If so, I'd love to buy some nymphs/ooths from you if you have extras.

Guess what I managed to get my Grizzled mantises to breed! I am so excited! I put them in their own container and let them get to work.

Now just have to wait for Arcterius to lay an ootheca.

I am not sure if I am going to sell any, that is if she lays an ooth and it hatches and I have any extras, but if I do decide on selling any I will be sure to let you know @mantisfan101 and @MantisGirl13.


Awesome!! Nice, these should be more common in the hobby, they’re the most exotic lookinn natives we have(next to both texas and arizona unicorns)

Happy news!  My Grizzled mantis egg case hatched yesterday! I am so excited! They are so adorably cute! And have interesting behaviors. They are super fast and kinda skittish!


DSCN6528 Crop.jpg

IMG_0089 EDIT.jpg


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