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Next generation of Grizzled mantises is here!  This is Asoka and her offspring! Man baby Grizzled mantises are so hard to get pictures of!

And some nice macros of one of my Adult female Ghost mantis named Pixi.

DSCN8268 EDIT Asoka.jpg

DSCN8287 EDIT Asoka offspring.jpg

IMG_267 EDIT0.jpg

IMG_2684 Edit.jpg

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Alas sadness. Asoka my Adult female Grizzled mantis has passed onto the big mantis heaven. Rip Asoka, you will be missed! My little ninja mantis 😭
She lived for a year and 4 months.

On a happier note, my Chinese mantises have started hatching!
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Mantis update!

Here is the mantis family!

Chinese mantis Chase thinking that tweezers taste good! She did not want to let go!
Then Carolina mantis Mistshadow my only green Carolina this year. She is so pretty!

And Misfit the happy Male Grizzled mantis! Avosa my Grizzled girl this year that just finally laid her first ooth!

And Then there is Gemlight my female Ghost mantis that is so bright green! And Hail the male Ghost mantis that thought the camera was very interesting and would not sit still for photos!
DSCN1749 Edit Chinese Chase 1.jpg
DSCN1860 Edit Mistshadow Carolina 1.jpg
DSCN1768 Grizzle Misfit 1.jpg
DSCN1785 Avosa Grizzled mantis 1.jpg
DSCN1802 Edit Gemlight 1.jpg
DSCN1846 Edit Hail Ghost mantis 1.jpg

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