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Guess what I managed to get my Grizzled mantises to breed! I am so excited! I put them in their own container and let them get to work.

Now just have to wait for Arcterius to lay an ootheca.

I am not sure if I am going to sell any, that is if she lays an ooth and it hatches and I have any extras, but if I do decide on selling any I will be sure to let you know @mantisfan101 and @MantisGirl13.

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Let me know if You wanna to trade ooths :)

This is Glitter my Giant Asian Hierodula membranacea and she is 16 months old today! And still healthy and active.


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Sorry about that, hopefully the rest do ok! I read in orin’s book that the nymphs cannot ever be allowed to hang upside down and need to stay flat or vertical. 

And this is Darkstalker my male Ghost mantis nymph who molted the other day and I got a picture of him next to his molt which I thought was really cool.

DSCN7415 Crop.jpg


Darkstalker my ghost male molted to an adult!! I am so excited!! He has beautiful wings and a cool crown! He didn't want to hold still for the camera.

Now his brothers and sister need to catch up.

Glint my Grizzled mantis molted today! Slowly getting bigger!

DSCN7608 crop.jpg


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Update!!! April 24, 2020!

My first Chinese Mantis egg case for this year hatched today! I was not expecting it to hatch quite yet but it did! Now I have a bunch of little Chinese mantises again!

I have only one adult Chinese mantis left from last year, Aster, and she is still happy and healthy.  I am so excited she is still alive when the next generation has hatched! Though she did not lay the egg case that hatched.

DSCN7778 crop.jpg

DSCN7794 crop.jpg

Gratz on the hatch. Cool that your chinese mantis lives and doing fine. hope she can stil live a bit longer.

Update time!

Glint laid her first Ootheca a little while ago. Now waiting for it to hatch. Yum, yum roaches are good says Glint eating her dinner.

I am super excited, Venus, my female ghost mantis is a beautiful green color! I really hope she stays green! Though the green is slightly fading to a lighter green.

DSCN1032 crop.jpg


DSCN1455 crop.jpg

Glint's (my female Grizzled mantis) egg case hatched today! She now has lots of happy little mantis children! I saw nothing all morning, been keeping a close eye on the egg case, but then walked into my room and saw baby Grizzles crawling all over the inside of the cup! Pics to come later.


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